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Breaking Bad-style coffee maker for your design lab

breaking bad coffee maker

A brewing station Walter White would approve of

Usually when you're brewing your first cup of coffee in the morning, you're barely awake meaning you'd be forgiven for hardly paying attention to the process. However, this coffee maker would certainly catch the eye of any chemistry enthusiast.

Created by Portuguese design student Davide Mateus, this coffee maker entitled 'Café Balāo' looks more like a science project than your usual brewing station. Coming with two tiers - one for coffee and one for water - the containers are made from reinforced glass.

To make your cuppa, you simply put some ground coffee in the top receptacle, and fill the bottom one with water, after which a submerged electric coil will boil the water and get the experiment underway. This is certainly a set Walter White would approve of.

breaking bad coffee maker

breaking bad coffee maker

breaking bad coffee maker

[via PSFK]

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