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The crowdfunded T-shirt site with a local twist

Knative t-shirts

Knative aim to put money back into their local communities

We're big fans of independent businesses here at Creative Bloq, with sales going back into the local community. Knative is one such business we've fallen in love with - where everything you covet online is produced locally, not only saving money on shipping but helping your local economy.

Teaming up with an array of inspirational designers, Knative then shortlist and select one design to run as a featured campaign in four countries. Fousing mostly on typography designs, there's sure to be a favourite in there for many of you.

If enough people in the UK pre-order a T-shirt on Knative, it will go to press in the UK, supporting local business and eliminating shipping costs at the same time. All you have to do is share a T-shirt campaign that you like with friends and unlock your country.

Knative t-shirts

Knative t-shirts

Knative t-shirts

Visit the Knative T-Shirts website to unlock your favourite.

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