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33 stunning Procreate brushes

23. Brush Tiger, Lion, Leopard and Jaguar

Procreate brushes: Brush Tiger, Lion, Leopard and Jaguar

This pack from Studio FabianFischer contains four feline-named textured hand lettering Procreate brushes. The brushes are all pressure-sensitive, giving a realistic edge to your lettering.

24. Chalk Letterer Box

Procreate brushes: Chalk Letterer Box

No more dusty hands. Guerilla Craft’s brush set lets you create chalk masterpieces on your clean, digital iPad. With wet chalk, smudge chalk, round chalk, flat chalk, gritty chalk and more, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better selection.

25. Fat Ink

Procreate brushes: Fat Ink

Thin ink is great and all, but what about when you need that fat, bold brush to make your lettering really stand out? Sarahtypes has you covered with this super-smooth brush that offers an extreme contrast between thick and thin strokes.

26. Midcentury Illustrators Kit

Procreate brushes: Midcentury Illustrators Kit

Go all-out retro with this premium brush kit of 12 Procreate brushes. Lisa Bardot’s Midcentury Illustrators Kit is designed to help you easily master the quirky '60s texture-rich commercial design style.

27. Matty B’s Hatch Effects

Procreate brushes: Matty B’s Hatch Effects

This fantastic brush pack from MattyB offers all sorts for the budding or professional illustrator. Lines, dots, scribbles, marks, you name it – it’s covered in this pack!

28. Lettering Brush Pack

Lettering Brush Pack

Ryan Hamrick’s selection of his own favourite brushes allows you to produce high-end, professional lettering on your iPad. There’s little you can’t do with this pack of 14 custom Procreate lettering brushes.

29. Nikko’s Brushes

Procreate brushes: Nikko’s Brushes

The well-respected Procreate digital artist, Nikolai Lockertsen (opens in new tab), has made his own five favourite custom brushes available to download. Just check out his site to see the phenomenal artwork he's created with this small set of tools.

30. Blackletter

Procreate brushes: Blackletter

This pack was created by Boston-based calligraphy artist, Jake Rainis. He says he downloaded almost every set on the market to see what works and what doesn’t in order to produce this, his own extensive brush set.

31. The Parchment Pen

Procreate brushes: The Parchment Pen

This pressure-sensitive brush mimics the look of an eighteenth-century quill. That makes it perfect for calligraphy, but it's also a wonderful brush for black and grey line drawings.

32. Sketch and Ink

Procreate brushes: Sketch and Ink

DizzyTara’s nine brushes include a variety of shaped ink pens and a board marking brush. It's a great little package of inky brushes to use while sketching.

33. Watercolor Brushes

Procreate brushes: Watercolor Brushes

Back to watercolours, this comprehensive set of 50 watercolour brushes from graphic designer PicByKate allows you to master the effect in digital format. Updated for Procreate 4, the custom-made brushes include washes, textures, edges, effects, stains and more.

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