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Young designers to watch in 2015: Tove Andersson

The D&AD New Blood Academy (opens in new tab) is the ultimate prize for young creatives. Open to application from the brightest stars at the New Blood Awards & Exhibitions from around the world, the Academy is an intensive two-week industry (opens in new tab) crash-course designed to springboard new talent into industry jobs and placements.

In this series of interviews, we're going to present some of the ones to watch from last summer's New Blood Academy, supported by WPP (opens in new tab). This time it's art director Tove Andersson's (opens in new tab) turn...

  • Course: Art Direction and Advertising
  • University: Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm
  • Achievements: D&AD New Blood Yellow Pencil, New Blood Best of Year

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Art director Tove Andersson

Art director Tove Andersson

I'm an art director living in Stockholm. I love meeting new people. And challenges. When I am not working, I'm trying to learn how to rollerskate.

Take us through some of the inspirations behind your work

My biggest source of inspiration is the people I meet. I love to hear about their dreams and reflections on life, and I find it fascinating how every single one of us is different, unique. We're only here for a short amount of time and we're beautiful in our own way. When I create illustrations or photography my favorite theme is people and portraits.

For something more hands-on I find inspiration in new technology, series on HBO and sites like this one.

What has been your careeer highlight to date?

That would be gracing the stage to receive the D&AD award for our project Whisper. It was an amazing feeling!

What's the biggest lesson you learned from this summer?

To really embrace working in creative teams with many different kinds of people, background and culture wise, but also on an individual level. The different kinds of energy that come with each person can lift the creative work higher.

Another thing I took with me was the realization that it would be fun to work abroad in the future - London is a wonderful city.

What’s next for you?

I am looking for an internship abroad for the spring and summer - ideally at a creative advertising agency where I can develop further before my last year of school.

Andersson takes us through three recent projects...

01. BBC Whisper

News helps us define the world we live in, yet the news we receive is filtered by few media companies and influenced by journalists. This means we rarely receive a balanced view of the world.

At the same time the simple technology that comes built into a phone today is enough to allow anyone to be a journalist, which is a threat to the media industry. When creating Whisper we had the possibility to instead turn this threat into a valuable asset.

BBC Whisper is a global platform for news, combining high-tech with low-tech. Anyone can call or text in their story in their own language, through Whisper's phone number.

It's then uploaded to an encrypted website. The story can be translated to any language, making local and global news available for anyone, and providing an unfiltered and balanced view of the world we live in.

02. More Time To Love

Linas Matkasse is a Swedish company delivering groceries to your door. With this they include recipes for the week so that the customer doesn’t have to worry about planning meals or going grocery shopping.

The brief was to create prints to gain new customers. We found a major benefit was the time you save not having to worry about what to make for dinner.

We identified parents as a target group that could do with this extra time. Many couples find that after having kids they don't have much time to spend alone together. This led us to our "More Time To Love" concept.

03. The Focus Test

For the best experience, watch the film before reading the following!

This was created as a short film to raise awareness for the anti bully organisation Friends. When creating The Focus Test we wanted our viewers to get their own insight into how easy it is to miss bullying, even when it takes place right in front of our eyes.

We got the idea from a video called "Selective attention test", where basketball players pass a ball around while a gorilla walks through. Since many have seen the original video we kept the gorilla in our movie, but it was there to distract the audience from catching the bullied girl.

To find out more about the D&AD New Blood programme, visit (opens in new tab)

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