Create 3D clothes with realistic creases and folds

Making realistic virtual clothes is one of the most challenging tasks since the innovation of CG animation. Clothing is an extremely important aspect of 3D character development; it can transform even free 3D models and tell a story behind the character's personality. Making virtual clothes became easier because of the advanced technology we have nowadays – we can use our creative imagination with the right tools to create realistic clothes in just a few hours!

Marvelous Designer (MD) is one of the leading packages for creating and simulating virtual clothes. The technology is based on real-world sewing patterns to generate clothes, which is the standard way clothing is made in the fashion industry. The intuitive tools and the well-designed software interface make it easy for everyone in the industry to use MD.

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Eyad Hussein is a senior character technical director living with five years of experience in the animation industry. Eyad currently works at Buck Design in Los Angeles.