How to make stickers with Cricut

How to make stickers with Cricut, a photo of some sticker sheets
(Image credit: Cricut)

Learning how to make stickers with Cricut can be fun and easy. Stickers are creative, versatile and can be any shape and size you like. Stickers can be used for almost anything, they’re great for personalising your items, but they can also be a good tool for businesses who want to increase brand recognition. In this tutorial, we will show you just how easy it is making stickers with Cricut. 

Cricut stickers are generally made using adhesive paper. This is then printed on and can be cut to size. The Cricut makes this process even easier as it enables you to make various different-sized stickers, which it then expertly cuts, leaving you with professional-looking stickers. Stickers can also be made using vinyl, PVC and even foil. 

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Rachael Penn

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