10 reasons why you need Cricut Access

Reasons to get Cricut Access: a photo of a Cricut machine on a kitchen table
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'Do I need Cricut Access?' is the question most crafters asks as they unbox their new Cricut Maker, Explore or Joy. Cricut Access is a monthly subscription that unlocks a whole host of images, fonts, and projects that take your Cricut machine to the next level. But you do need to pay extra for it. So is Cricut Access really worthwhile? 

If you’re a crafter, then there is no doubt you’ve heard of or own a piece of Cricut equipment. Cricut is an American brand of electronic cutting machines designed for cutting a variety of materials such as paper, vinyl, wood, fabric, and even leather. We've listed the best Cricut machines in our guide and also listed the best Cricut Accessories to get more from your machine, and Cricut Access.

If you're looking for inspiration of what can be done with a Cricut, then take a look at our collection of the best Cricut Christmas ideas and video tutorials.

You may be wondering what the difference between Cricut Design and Cricut Access is and if you need both. Well, you definitely need Cricut Design as that’s the software that you create your projects with. Cricut Design is free and not optional, as without it your Cricut machine simply won’t work. It's a good app but It has limited access to fonts, images and some projects.

Other brands have similar subscription models, for example the best Glowforge machines offer the Platinum service for its machines and Glowforge app, which offers thousands of designs and discounts on materials.

Cricut Access will give you access to over 20,000 images, 700 fonts, money off future products and supplies, as well as access to thousands of ready-designed projects that you can customise and make your own for a monthly or annual fee. You could use other apps to create your own fonts and art, and we list the best Cricut software to show what works best. But Cricut Access is the easiest option to expand Design Space. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider a subscription.

01. Cricut Access offers over 200,000 images

A screen grab from Design Space to use with Cricut Access

Cricut Access has a library of over 200,000 rights-free images (Image credit: Rachael Phillips)

With Cricut Access, you get unlimited access to over 200,000 images and counting for use on your projects. These images are updated every week, so there’s always something new when you’re ready to create. This is what makes Cricut amazing, as you don’t have to be a designer or have great artistic skills to be able to create exciting and unique projects. 

The images can be used in different ways, such as cutting, drawing using the best cricut pens, or using the print then cut function. Cricut images have also been organised into categories to get the right images for the type of project and material you’re using. Of course, you can buy these images individually if you don’t have Cricut Access, but this can get expensive, and you will be missing out on exclusive Cricut content. 

02. Cricut Access has over 700+ fonts to use

Fonts are seen on a screen in Cricut Access

Over 700 fonts can be included in your designs, if you subscribe to Cricut Access (Image credit: Rachael Phillips)

Whether you’re personalising a water bottle or wanting to put your favourite saying on a t-shirt, what type of font you use matters. With Cricut Access there are over 700 fonts for you to use in addition to the regular design space fonts. 

These fonts can be used for any type of writing or cutting project. But the writing fonts are perfect for adding an extra personal touch to your projects. Cricut machines are fantastic for crafting bag and clothing designs, and Corel offers some good advice in our Cricut shirt design advice feature. 

03. Cricut Access users get exclusive perks

A font is see in Cricut Access being used on a mobile phone

You can use Cricut Access on a computer or phone (Image credit: Cricut)

Subscribing to Cricut Access also comes with some super money-saving perks. If you’re looking at getting a new Cricut machine or accessories, such as the Cricut Mug Press, you’ll get an extra 10% off anything in the Cricut shop. 

You also get money off supplies, including vinyl, infusible ink, pens, and machine tools. (These aren't cheap but we have a guide to the best Cricut accessories that can help.) In fact, anything in the Cricut shop is discounted for Cricut Access members. There are also exclusive subscriber deals which include subscriber-only projects, collections and licensed designs. 

04. With Cricut Access you can cancel at any time

It’s straightforward to sign up to Cricut Access and even easier to cancel. Things of course change, and there may be some months where you can’t afford the fee or you know you’re not going to use your Cricut much. And that’s fine because when you sign up to Cricut Access you don’t enter a contract. 

Instead of a fixed contract Cricut Access is a monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time, just like Netflix or Disney Plus. However, it is worth noting that when you do cancel your subscription, you will no longer have access to images, fonts and projects that you may have previously used. 

05. Cricut Access has a low monthly cost

Cricut Access prices listed

There are a number of ways to subscribe to Cricut Access (Image credit: Rachael Phillips)

A Cricut Access subscription costs just $9.99 / £7.49 per month or if you’d prefer to make even more of a saving, the annual cost is $95.88 / £71.88 (which works out just $7.99 / £5.99 a month). This is exceptional value, and unless you hardly use your Cricut, you will benefit from this subscription.

Individual prices for images, projects and fonts vary, but it can cost up to $6.99 / £4.99 per font or $3.99 / £1.99 for an image. Full projects are even more costly. So for the price of a font and image or project you can access the entire library for a month. 

06. Cricut Access has ready-to-make projects

A screen of projects in Cricut Access

The ready-made projects in Cricut Access can get you started in Cricut (Image credit: Rachael Phillips)

With Cricut Access you will have thousands of professionally designed ready-to-make projects at your disposal. These projects are great for making something when you don’t have the time or even the skills to design what you want. They're also a good learning tool as seeing how others have put together a design can help you.

The majority of the projects can be customised and personalised so you can really make them your own. What machine you have makes a difference to the type of projects you'll see. For example, if you have a Cricut Joy, you may see smaller-scale projects that will work with just that machine. This makes it a lot easier so you know that whatever you’re cutting will work. 

There are projects for almost every holiday or celebration, so you’ll find something to make in the project setting no matter what is happening. Again, it's a really good library and starting point for finding out how designs work, what sells and where to take your own projects.

07. Enjoy licensed content with Cricut Access

Licensed content in Cricut Access

Cricut Access includes Marvel, Star Wars and Disney projects  (Image credit: Rachael Phillips)

Disney, Marvel and Star Wars are just a few favourite brands that have granted Cricut a license to use their images. There are hundreds of  designs, including cards, wall art and t-shirt transfers. Imagine how much you'd pay in a store for a branded Star Wars shirt or Spider-Man mug, and its here for 'free' to create your own project from.

These branded projects can also be customised, so they would make an ideal gift for any Disney or Marvel fan, though don't expect The Punisher logo to be found in Cricut Access. It is worth noting that if you do make a project using licensed images, it must be for personal use only. 

08. There's no need to resize with Cricut Access

There is an option to upload your own images and projects to the Cricut design software, but you have to go through to resize it to make sure it fits your mat and eventually onto your project base. This can be time-consuming, and it doesn’t always work out as planned when it’s been shrunk down or enlarged. The images in Cricut Access have been specifically designed to fit your canvas and mat. 

09. Make Cricut your business with Cricut Access

Reasons to get cricut access: a photo of someone using a Cricut Maker

You can use many of the fonts and art in Cricut Access for projects you want to sell (Image credit: Cricut)

If you want to make extra money or set up a business making items with your Cricut, you can use the images and fonts found in Cricut Access. Cricut has an Angel policy, which means you can sell up to 10,000 finished projects per year using cuts or drawings made with Cricut images and fonts. 

The only exceptions are a third-party licensed designs such as Disney or Marvel logos and art, and more than one person must not make the finished products. And don’t worry about accidentally getting into trouble by using a third party image, as Cricut have clearly marked any trademarks, copyrights, and patents that Cricut don’t own. 

10. Cricut Access means you're set to design

Once you’ve got your Cricut machine and Cricut Access, you can relax because you’re always ready for your next crafting project. It doesn’t matter what you’re planning to make; there will be an image, design or project waiting for you in the design studio to get started. You won’t have to worry about shelling out for individual images or fonts as it’s all taken care of. Cricut Access really is an invaluable part of owning any piece of Cricut equipment. 

Cricut Access: should I subscribe?

Cricut Access: a photo of a Cricut Machine

Cricut Access supports all of Cricut's machines (Image credit: Cricut)

Whichever Cricut Machine you have, whether that's a Cricut Maker vs a Cricut Maker 3, you’ll benefit from a subscription to Cricut Access. Even if you use your machine a couple of times a month, the monthly fee will save you a lot of money if you prefer to use ready-designed images and projects.

Because you don’t get locked into a contract with this subscription, you could always sign up for a month or two and figure out whether you feel it’s worth it. But, we think that with the amount of images, fonts, and projects on offer with Cricut Access, it’s well worth the £7.49 price tag. 

Cricut Access: frequent questions

Is it worth paying for Cricut access?

Cricut Access is best for those who craft a lot. If you're regularly using your Cricut Maker or other machine then the monthly fee pays for itself. Also, the discounts and offers really help even if you don't use a Cricut all of the time. 

Is Cricut access free?

No, Cricut Access is an optional subscription plan for Cricut users. You sign-up for an annual plan and save some money, or pay monthly. Paying monthly means you can cancel at any time just like Netflix, Disney+ or Now TV. It means you can opt in and out as you use your Cricut.

Do I need Cricut Access?

The answer to this will be determined by how much you use your Cricut machines. If you're a regular crafter then it will be essential.

Is Cricut access and design space the same thing?

No, Cricut Access is a subscription service that contains thousands of fonts, art, images, and projects. Cricut Design Space is the software you use to create your projects on and send them to a Cricut machine for cutting.

Does Cricut access have Disney?

Yes, Disney images, fonts and logos can be found in Cricut Access and used in your own projects. This includes some of Disney's best-loved franchises, including Frozen and Marvel characters.

Is there a free way to use Cricut Access

Yes, you can trial Cricut Access for 30 days. After this ends you'll need to pay the fee but you can cancel at any time.

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