Build a fast reactive blog with Svelte and Sapper

Svelte and Sapper
(Image credit: Svelte)

Sapper is a framework built on top of Svelte. It focuses on speed out of the box with server rendering, link preloading, and the ability to create service workers. Combined with Svelte, the end result is a highly customisable, lightning fast site with a small footprint.

In this tutorial, we will be using Sapper to build a lightweight blogging site using Svelte components (see our how to start a blog post for some less technical tips on blogging). Svelte is a framework with a difference. It analyses the code at compile time and creates a set of modules in vanilla JavaScript, which avoids the need for a runtime. If you need further help with layouts then check out our post on how to get the perfect website layout. Or for other options, see these top website builders and remember, you'll also need to get your web hosting service on point.

Download the tutorial files on FileSilo here

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Matt Crouch

Matt Crouch is a front end developer who uses his knowledge of React, GraphQL and Styled Components to build online platforms for award-winning startups across the UK. He has written a range of articles and tutorials for net and Web Designer magazines covering the latest and greatest web development tools and technologies.