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Gorgeous illustrations bring travel app to life

Air Pano is a cool Russian outfit that goes around the world with radio-controlled helicopters and sends them up to capture amazing panoramic birds-eye photos that you can look at online for free.

It has an iOS app in the pipeline, and Air Pano hired Saint Petersburg-based illustrator Anna Paschenko to create some animated illustrations to give it a bit of character and help provide a smooth navigation through the app.

Rather than reproducing specific locations, Anna’s pop-up illustrations lead you to different types of panorama, enabling you to look for beautiful cityscapes or natural wonders. And if you want to do the virtual tourism thing there’s a section called Wonders of the World where you can quickly tick off all those must-see locations on your bucket list.

We can’t wait to take a look at the app; in the meantime these illustrations are a treat. See more - including work-in-progress sketches - at Anna’s Behance folio.

Words: Jim McCauley

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