5 tips for creating an event logo

Joff and Ollie

Joff and Ollie created the branding for the UK pavilion at Milan's World Expo 2015

When it comes to events, there are a number of specific things you need to bear in mind regarding branding and logo design.

Most brands build their reputation over a long period of time, but event branding is different as there is always a short period of time between initial awareness, promotion and the event going live.

Here are our 5 tips for creating a strong logo and brand for an event...

01. Know your audience

World Artist logo

This logo designed by Joff and Ollie is targeted squarely at the audience

Your target audience needs to be able to relate to the logo immediately. Colours, forms and typography has to be on trend with the audience you’re addressing. It has to appeal to their imagination and inspire. If they don't get it straight away, you probably won't get a second chance, as before you know it, the event will be over.

02. Make it practical and easy

The short timescale of events means you will need to produce a lot of different material with little time to do it. You need a great looking logo that you can put on anything easily and quickly. It has to be practical and easy to implement in both print, web and the environment that is hosting the event.

03. Make it usable on social media

New Adventures logo

A simple logo like this one designed by Joff + Ollie will work well on social media

Social media is the number one method for promoting and hearing about events. If it doesn't work as a Twitter icon or on a mobile phone it doesn't work at all!

If the logo looks great on social media, people are more likely to retweet or share it as they will want to be associated with it.

04. Integrate dates and year

By including a date or year in the logo, it tells people it’s an event and gives them a sense of urgency to check it out. A year indicates it’s an annual event too, which gives it a level of importance and a 'not be missed' quality.

05. Make it fun and inspiring

logo for the UK Pavilion at Milan

There's a sense of fun to Joff and Ollie's logo for the UK Pavilion at Milan 2015

People go to events for lots of different reasons, but most of the time it’s because they want to have fun, learn something new and get inspired. The public or professionals will need to break their routine or travel to an event, often at great expense. If the logo doesn't look fun or inspiring, people won't feel compelled to go.

Words: Joff and Ollie Studio

Joff and Ollie Studio is a British design team whose recent work includes the branding for the UK pavilion at Milan's World Expo 2015, the Twin Tone Lampshade and Nottingham Castle’s successful branding bid presentation.

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