6 adorable projects to make your heart melt

pokeyugami's art
(Image credit: pokeyugami via Twitter)

What's better than good design? Well, good design that is adorable too, of course! That's why we've gathered up our six favourite cute designs to brighten up your day. 

From tiny Lego monitors to Kirby Switch cases, we've seen plenty designs of notable cuteness, so it was tough trying to narrow it down to these six. We've chosen a range of quirky but sweet designs in this little list and whether they're objects or rebrands, we can guarantee they'll warm your heart. 

If you'd like to have a look at the other end of the spectrum, then we've also assembled a collection of the worst design fails of 2022. You're welcome.

01. Tiny Car

P50 car kit on beige background

The tiny car can even fit through doorways (Image credit: P50 Cars)

This itsy-bitsy car is only 137cm long and 99cm wide, meaning that it's small enough to drive through the likes of doorways. The original vehicle set was launched back in 1962 but has recently been relaunched for motor enthusiasts to enjoy today. And if you'd like to have a go in this tiny car, then you can actually buy a kit to build it yourself. It might take you 50+ hours, but hey, a car this cute is worth it, right?

The original Peel P50 reportedly took up less space than a telephone box and original models of the car have since been sold at auction for over six figures. 

02. Eco Happy Meal

McDonald's concept packaging

McDonald's, I hope you're taking note (Image credit: Regina Lim)

McDonald's isn't exactly renowned for its cute designs. Which is perhaps why student Regina Lim took it upon herself to redesign the Happy Meal with aesthetically-pleasing illustrations and eco-friendly packaging. Everything from the toys included to the educational element of the box has been thought of and the result is the most beautiful Happy Meal we've ever seen.  

The design looks less like part of the golden-arched franchise and instead something straight out of Studio Ghibli. While this is just a concept design, we are keeping our fingers crossed that McDonald's might launch such nice-looking packaging sometime in the future. 

03. Mini Switch

The Apple Watch

How cute would this dinky design look on your gaming desk? (Image credit: Space-Dragon772 via Reddit)

This might be my favourite adorable design on the list. This 3D-printed Nintendo Switch perfectly houses your Apple Watch as it charges, transforming your Watch into a baby Switch. I would love to pop this ickle Switch on my desk next to my actual Switch like some kind of gaming mother and child (or is that weird?). 

The brilliant thing about this cutesy design is that you can recreate it yourself. Artist Space-Dragon772 has shared the free 3D printer template so as long as you have a 3D printer you can become the proud owner of your very own Nintendo-inspired Apple Watch stand.

04. Peter Rabbit's modern rebrand

The new Peter Rabbit logo.

Peter's modern makeover is just as cute as the original illustrations (Image credit: Penguins Random House Childrem's/Create Future)

Who doesn't love Peter Rabbit? Back in September, the famous Rabbit was given a modern makeover, and it's so cute. The original illustrations by Beatrix Potter are adorable enough on their own, but the modern rebrand is a sweet blend of Potter's designs and minimalism. 

With Peter turning 120, Penguin's Children's House rebranded Potter's collection with a modern design to help keep the Rabbit relevant today. The art director at Penguin Random House Children’s, said that the new logo "fuses past, present and future, by combining the classic bespoke Beatrix Potter typeface with a reinterpreted version of the iconic running rabbit."

05. Super Mario 64 guide book

Super Mario 64 guide book

Remember the days of actual physical handbooks? (Image credit: Nintendo)

Back in the '90s, Nintendo released Super Mario 64, fully equipped with an actual printed handbook – and it's super cute. Instead of screenshots of the game or links to the online walkthrough, the booklet is full of 3D dioramas of each level in the game. 

The strategy handbook resurfaced online back in March. Thanks to Comfort Food Video Games, you can now scroll through an online version of the guide on the Internet Archive and relish in all those beautiful 3D designs. And if you're yet to play the famous Mario game (where have you been?) then check out our roundup of the best Nintendo Switch deals

06. Watercolour Pokémon

pokeyugami's art

I would die for chubby Pikachu (Image credit: pokeyugami via Twitter)

If you're a fan of Pokémon, then you probably already know that the original creatures were hand-painted with watercolours by designer Ken Sugimori. The adorable paintings were the basis for all the games, cartoons and movies, but one group of artists took the original designs and transformed them into a watercolour game concept. 

Pokeyugami combined the brand new Pokémon Legend: Arceus game with Sugimori's designs to see how the latest game would look with the aesthetic of the original paintings. And surprise, surprise, the results are visually stunning; the original chubby Pikachu (see above) is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.

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