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This iPhone 13 dummy might be the most accurate concept yet

Three different coloured iPhones.
(Image credit: AppleInsider)

We're just a few days away from the next highly anticipated Apple event, where fans are expecting an iPhone 13 announcement. But if you can't wait until 14 September to find out if the iPhone 13 will actually make it out into the wild, you might be in luck.

A video has surfaced online of what appears to be a unseen iPhone design. Captioned 'the final form of the iPhone 13', the video features a dummy of what could potentially be Apple's latest phone model. With a bigger camera unit, flat edges and a smaller notch, we feel like this dummy model fits in with the other iPhone 13 design rumours (and there are plenty of them!) pretty well.

Two photos of a dummy of the potential iPhone 13.

Anyone else loving that minimal notch? (Image credit: Geek Village Chief)

When you put this dummy next to the supposed leak of iPhone 13 cases, it definitely looks as though they would fit, suggesting that this may be an accurate model of the soon-to-be released iPhone (or at least, that all the leakers are talking to each other).

The dummy also has flat edges, stadium-shaped buttons – all components found on the iPhone 12. And despite the rumours of the iPhone 13 getting rid of charging ports, a lightning port. If you're part of the anti-notch club (like us), you may have noticed that this model's notch is far less prominent than the ones on the previous iPhones. So far, so good.

The video goes on to suggest that there is a potential for the iPhone 13 to come in a vibrant orange colour. This isn't the first time we've heard that the iPhone 13 may sport spanking new colours, with renders of the phone in hot pink and matte black shades circulating. Plus, while digging for Easter eggs in the Apple event invite, we came across a theory that suggested that the models would be the same colour as the picturesque sunset featured in the invitation. 

A photo of two fan rendered iPhone 13's being compared to the Apple Invite background.

(Image credit: Darvik Patel/Apple/Future)

With this model ticking so many rumour boxes, it's very possible that this is an accurate dummy of the iPhone 13. And with the event just around the corner, there shouldn't be too long to wait to find out. In the meantime, make sure you check out our best Apple deals to grab yourself some Apple bargains, or see below for the best prices on the iPhone 12.

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