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Microsoft embraces mocking memes with hilarious new Xbox product

Xbox Series X Fridge
That's one big Xbox (Image credit: Microsfot)

Both Microsoft and Sony have faced their fair share of mockery when it comes to the design of their new consoles. The gargantuan PS5 was compared with a WiFi router in various memes, and the Xbox Series X didn't fare much better – the overwhelming response being that it resembles a fridge.

But it seems Microsoft is keen to prove that when it comes to the jokes, it's actually pretty chilled. So chilled, in fact, that it has embraced the fridge memes by, yes, building an actual Xbox Series X Fridge. (Check out the best photo editing apps if you fancy joining the meme party). 

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The six-foot refrigerator features the same design as the Xbox Series X, complete with illuminated Xbox logo. The console's disk drive is now a door handle, and the fridge of course plays the Xbox Series X startup sound when opened.

To be in with a chance of winning the appliance, Microsoft says users must retweet the above tweet with the hashtag #XSXFridgeSweeps. One winner will be selected at random to receive the fridge, which has an approximate retail value of $499 – the same cost, incidentally, as Sony's latest offering (here's where to preorder the PS5). 

While we can't say we're itching to get hold of an Xbox fridge (let's just say that all-black design isn't going to look right in every kitchen), we admire Microsoft's sense of humour. And it seems there are plenty of people who think the fridge is actually pretty cool (sorry).

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It's always nice to see brands having a little fun with their marketing – although Microsoft gets extra points here for laughing at itself. Many of the most amusing jokes from brands tend to take the form of digs at their rivals (like these 5 times brands took a shot at their competitors – and won).  

From the lacklustre Xbox Series X logo to Sony's ugly DualSense controller, we haven't been hugely impressed with the next generation of gaming from a design perspective. But when it comes to actual gaming, time will tell whether the PS5 or Xbox Series X will end up on top. But the real question is when Sony is planning to follow Microsoft's lead and embrace the memes by revealing a PS5-themed WiFi router.

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