Drop everything, a new Nintendo Switch might be in the works

A photo of the Nintendo Switch OLED.
(Image credit: Nintendo)

It's been just weeks since the Nintendo Switch OLED was announced, and already there are rumours that a new Switch could be in the works. We were disappointed that the OLED model wasn't the "Switch Pro" we were hoping for, but some think that a Pro console may be arriving as soon as next year. 

It looks as though fans' persistence for a Switch Pro may have finally cracked Nintendo, as there are now rumours circulating that the gaming company might release a new Switch console at the end of 2022 or at the beginning of 2023. A YouTuber and so-called Nintendo insider has claimed that there will either be a brand new console or a significant update to the current hardware out right now. If you haven't got your hands on a Nintendo Switch yet, then make sure you check out our best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals. 

YouTuber Nate the Hate has said that the next Nintendo console will support 4K formats, much like the PS5 and Xbox One series already do, which will improve the gaming experience for Nintendo players. He reports that development kits have been sent to studios and developers as well. This isn't the first rumour about a Switch Pro; over the past year, we have heard speculation about a new Pro version of the console, despite Nintendo denying it

If Nintendo does release another Switch, we hope that it will sort out the faults in the Joy-Cons, and improve the features for online play so it can compete with Xbox and PlayStation's online gaming experience. Fans would also like to see more themed Switch consoles, especially for the Switch Lite format.

A Nintendo Switch Pro concept.

We love this concept art for a Nintendo Switch Pro.  (Image credit: Olivier Raymond)

The video explaining the potential sequel Switch has racked up over 20K views on YouTube, and users were quick to comment on the rumours. One user commented on the video, "the form factor is already fantastic, just improve specs and throw in a couple of extras like improving Joy-Con drift and an anti-reflective screen". Another user pointed out that the "new system would probably pair with a big-name software," which we could imagine being Zelda: Breath of Wild 2, set to be released in 2022. 

Whether a new Nintendo Switch is on the horizon or not, we are only just getting to grips with the OLED version of the Switch. We can't wait to see what Nintendo releases, but we hope it thrives like the DS series, instead of the fateful Wii U. If you are looking for your gaming fix, then why not check out our guide of the best gaming consoles on the market. Or if you're hoping to upgrade your current gaming set-up, then check out our buying guide on the best gaming monitors

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