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Make some noise with this interactive drum poster

novalia interactive poster

Two versions of the poster have been created

There's been plenty of inventive poster designs already released into the wild, with some even disguising themselves as street furniture. However, we've never really come across something like this - the Novalia interactive poster.

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It's a printed paper poster that also contains an interactive drumkit. With a smart-phone-like capacitive touch, you can play along with your favourite tunes and add beats and rolls to any of your existing songs by simply tapping the poster itself. It's a seven-piece kit on your wall!

Novalia have launched a Kickstarter campaign to enable them to mass produce two versions of the poster. The first connects to your iPhone or iPad and plays the drums wirelessly through your iOS device. The second is a standalone version that plays the sounds straight out of the poster. Will you be backing the campaign?

interactive poster

interactive poster

interactive poster

interactive poster

Back the campaign for the Novalia Interactive Poster on Kickstarter.

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