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New Star Trek posters break the mould

The new designs are edgy and impressionistic

The new designs are edgy and impressionistic

The iconic movie posters of the past have all followed pretty much the same formula. A strong, vibrant central image, combined with a wealth of words about the movie's cast, production team and companies behind the picture. This set of newly released posters for the forthcoming Star Trek sequel, though, breaks the mould.

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In the new posters, the character portraits of Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Benedict Cumberbatch, John Cho, Alice Eve and Karl Urban are not the bright and garish imagery we're used to seeing on movie posters. Instead, the shots are moody and impressionistic, each character caught in an intense, motion-blurred moment. Fittingly the words have been kept to a minimum too - there's no tagline, no credits; just the title, release date information and a URL and hashtag.

It's an innovative and rewarding approach that fits nicely with the boundary-breaking way director JJ Abrams has gone about rebooting the cult sci-fi series for a modern, mainstream audience. It's made us even more excited about seeing the movie - we can't wait!

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