Where to find free textures for 3D projects

While you can create textures yourself, there are several great sites that can provide you with new and interesting textures for 3D work.

One of them is Creative Bloq itself – we've got 40 superb free textures for you to download that are ready to use right away.

But if there's still something specific you're looking for, here are 10 great websites where you'll find thousands of quality, high-resolution textures for 3D work to choose from. Let us know how you get on!

01. Texturer

Free 3D textures

Visit Texturer for a comprehensive selection of high resolution textures

Texturer is a creative resource for 3D artists, designers, web designers and animators, providing a comprehensive selection of high resolution textures.

For ease of use, all textures are organised into categories and sub categories, featuring everything from brick, buildings and doors to animals, food and fabric.

02. Texturemate

Free 3D textures

Designer Bill Scott shares his resources on Texturemate

Texturemate is the online respository of Bill Scott, an electric engineer who also works as a web designer and graphic designer. Here, Scott shares textures, stock photos, brushes and other design resources he creates.

The site has fantastic library of free textures, all organised in handy, named folders so you can easily find exactly what you're looking for.

03. 3D Total

3D Total has thousands of free textures available

3D Total is a brilliant resource for CG artists, which includes training, an inspiration gallery, 3D assets and a free textures library.

Currently, 3D Total has 16,631 free high-res royalty free images, which you can search through by category or using the search tool provided on the site. Note: images offered here are subject to this License Agreement.

04. Marlin Studios

Computer graphics company Marlin Studios has been providing low poly 3D models and textures to the community for over 15 years

Marlin Studios has been providing low poly 3D models and textures to the computer graphics community for over 15 years.

Head to the site's Samples page where you'll find freebies from its texture packs. They offer less generic textures, including samples such as sci-fi textures, textures of Asia, classic architectural ornaments and much more.

05. 3D Valley

Free 3D textures

3D Valley is a brilliant resource for all things 3D, especially textures

3D Valley is a brilliant resource for all things 3D, including free models, tutorials and textures.

Free for personal and non-commercial use, 3D Valley features multiple free textures, including everything from wood and metal to wallpaper and tiles.

06. CG Textures

Free 3D textures

CG Textures features everything from animals to X-Rays

Featuring everything from animals to X-Rays, CG Textures features a wide array of textures for 3D work that you can download once you've registered for an account.

You can browse by texture type or view the latest additions to the site. There's even a small selection of tutorials for you to try.

07. 3D Texture

Free 3D textures

3D Texture includes categories such as cloth and fabric and glass and metal

Like CG Textures above, the 3D Texture gallery is a showcase for texture libraries and backgrounds. Browsable categories include: cloth and fabric textures, glass and metal, textures, sky textures and vehicles/car textures.

You can also view new and the most popular images, as rated by the site's members.

08. Mayang's Free Texture Library

Free 3D textures

Mayang's Free Textures features thousands of free to download high res textures for 3D work

Mayang's Free Textures features thousands of free to download high res textures for 3D work. You'll find some quirkier content here too.

In addition to brick, paint, walls and tiles, there are metal grilles and interior house features such as fire alarms, light switches and art deco radiators. Downloads are limited to 20 textures per day.

09. TurboSquid

Not only is TurboSquid an extensive library of pro-grade 3D models, but it also hides "the world's largest collection of textures". It's certainly crammed with stuff and encourages its users to submit their own textures for sale.

Simply search for what you need, then narrow down your choices by checking compatibility with 3ds Max, Cinema4D, Maya and many more modelling apps.

10. Morguefile

Morguefile holds a decent selection of free textures

Morguefile holds a huge library of high resolution stock photos for all your design needs. And in amongst them is a decent selection of free textures.

Simply use the search tool to filter the free images out and voila! You'll be presented with 33 different textures, including wood and metal, which you download totally free.