Get 3 VFX training videos free with 3D World

3D World just released its 200th issue. And to celebrate, the magazine is giving away three exclusive Digital-Tutors visual effects training courses.

Available to anyone buying the issue, the downloads offer over eight hours of video training in After Effects, Houdini and Nuke Studio, plus all of the resources you need to complete them.

3D World 200 comes with three exclusive Digital Tutors training courses

3D World 200 comes with three exclusive Digital-Tutors training courses

The first course, Multi-Part Greenscreen Keying in After Effects, explores advanced techniques to resolve issues like shadows, motion blur and colour spill when keying problem footage.

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Instructor Evan James explains how to separate the key into parts, creating a core matte, edge mattes, and holdout mattes for problem areas. The training also explores how to create a light wrap, and how to add a magic blast effect to the shot.

Learn to create a rocket swarm in Houdini with Sam Rickles guide

Learn to create a rocket swarm in Houdini with Sam Rickles' guide

In the second tutorial, Creating a Rocket Swarm with Procedural Volume Copying in Houdini, instructor Sam Rickles explains how to create an explosive visual effects shot.

The training explains how to set up particle simulations in Houdini and use the VBD cloud modelling tools to create rocket trails, before rendering using the built-in Mantra renderer.

The third free tutorial, Your First Day in Nuke Studio, will get you up and running with The Foundry's new VFX, editorial and finishing system.

Laura Smith explains everything you need to know to make the jump from Nuke or NukeX to Nuke Studio, and also explores some of the new features recently added to NukeX itself.

Issue 200 also comes with a free 132 page Maya ebook

Issue 200 also comes with a free 132-page Maya ebook

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In addition, issue 200 of 3D World comes with 3D World Pro Software Training: Maya – a free downloadable 132-page ebook, previously sold for £9.99 – while the special 36-page cover article reveals the 200 greatest visual effects movies of all time.

3D World 200 is on sale now in UK stores. Buy your copy today!

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