Mobile app campaign turns its customers into holograms

Base Check is an app from KPN Group Belgium that delivers a cool selection of news, reviews, and deals about a particular city. Faced with the problem getting signups in a massively overcrowded market, the company took an imaginative approach, making subscribers an offer they couldn't refuse - to turn them into a life-size hologram!

In a campaign led by advertising agency Duval Guillaume Modem, the app launched its new mobile tariff - which includes free Spotify Premium - by giving young people the chance to be transformed into their own 6m-high holographic statue.

Subscribers were filmed in 3D, and then appeared as a hologram at the event shortly after

103 subscribers were given the chance to be filmed in 3D, and choose their own music and special effects, then the scene was shown using holographic technology moments later to the thousands who had gathered to watch the event.

You can see all the individual statues made on Base Check's Facebook page.

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