The best print ads of Halloween 2013

Despite the rise of the web, print advertising is still an extremely powerful marketing tool and ad agencies are constantly pushing creative boundaries in order to reach their target audience. Every year Halloween gives them an opportunity to do something a little different - and here are some of our favourite examples from 2013...

01. WWF

Exploiting a frivolous festival like Halloween for serious ends is a big challenge. But this ad for the World Wildlife Fund, designed by Miami Ad School, certainly pulls it off, with a furry take on 'The Day of the Dead' imagery that needs no accompanying slogan to make its point.

02. Pepsi

Who doesn't love a zombie? Bolivian agency Nexus BBDO takes the horror movie theme and marries it perfectly to the thirst-quenching qualities of Pepsi in this spooky print ad that has us humming the tune to Michael Jackson's thriller all over again. (Ahora is Spanish for 'now', by the way).

03. Mini

When you have such an iconic product as the Mini, you don't always have to do something particularly clever or involved to make your point. And this silly campaign, casting the much-loved motor in an uncharacteristically sinister light, struck just the right note of fun for us this Halloween.

The print ads were designed for Mini by Dublin agency Chemistry and is typical of their tongue-in-cheek work for the brand - also check out this fun ad based around the idea of winter checks.

04. Joker

In print advertising, the simplest ideas are almost always the best. And this twist on the Halloween pumpkin, created by French agency Change to promote Joker orange juice, is a masterstroke - another case of a design that speaks for itself.

05. Maglite

Above all, Halloween is for kids. And this print ad by South Africa's M&C Saatchi Abel promotes Maglite in a way that people of every age, in every continent, can relate to.

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