40 amazing After Effects tutorials

11. Start animating with Adobe After Effects

Andrew Kramer is at hand to show you how to use animation techniques in Adobe After Effects. An extremely useful tutorial that will introduce you to the basics of animation in After Effects.

12. Camera Solving For Moving Objects in Mocha 3

Product manager Martin Brennand takes you through how to use the camera solver to get the 3D data of a moving planar object. You'll also learn how to export 3D to After Effects and attach 3D particles from Trapcode Particular.

13. Pixel-perfect camera move transitions

After Effects tutorials

Discover how to master pixel-perfect camera move transitions with this video tutorial from Greyscalegorilla

Want to know how to how to fly a camera around in After Effects and land on full frame video? This tutorial will show you how, helping keep your camera moves and transitions accurate and ready for a perfect edit.

14. How to animate a stream of objects along a path

In this After Effects tutorial, Andy Davenport shows how to generate a flowing animated sequence based on one object.

15. How to animate characters into real-world scenes

Have you ever seen a commercial where an animated character is painted onto a real background and wondered how it was done? This tutorial provides the answer and delve into the nuts and bolts of blending modes and Track Matte functionality.

16. How to create and rig a realistic puppet overview

This is a quick overview of Aetuts+'s 'How To Create And Rig A Realistic Puppet' series. It's a great way to get a feel for all 17 tutorials (yep 17!) only using Adobe After Effects. Genius!

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