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After Effects tutorials: Elevate your motion skills

Advanced After Effects tutorials

Once you've got a few years' experience under your belt, it's time to start learning some advanced level skills. From working with VR to adding 3D text to your videos, these After Effects tutorials will help you become a true AE ninja.

44. Create an ultra 3D Earth

Video Copilot is one of the best sources of advanced After Effects tutorials, and here's a brilliant example. In this tutorial, Hollywood visual effects legend Andrew Kramer talks you through creating a CG Earth and a 360-degree star field using a free plugin, called Orb, which you can download here

45. Advanced Electric FX Tutorial

Here's another of Video Copilot's excellent After Effects tutorials. This one looks at how to create some advanced electricity effects, namely lightning with realistic reflections, realistic cloud illumination and directional electricity. Project files can be downloaded here.

46. Mock up AR graphics with After Effects

After Effects tutorials: 3D map

After Effects has some powerful tools that we can use to mimic augmented reality. There aren't many After Effects tutorials on this topic yet, but here's one very good one from Laura Hawk. In this walkthrough she explains how to mock up AR graphics; this could be used, for example, you wanted to make a pitch video to show what an app with augmented reality capabilities could look like.

47. Create an explosive transition

After Effects tutorials: AE logo being zapped by a lightning bolt

(Image credit: Motion Array)

Lightning bolts are a popular topic for After Effects tutorials, and here's a corker. Discover how to replicate the lightning bolt transitions seen in the trailer for DC's Shazam with this tutorial from Motion Array. It walks through everything from shooting some simple footage to adding the explosive transition.

48. Design a branded loading animation in After Effects

After Effects tutorials: pink web icon

In this After Effects tutorial, InVision's Andy Orsow shows you how to make a custom loading animation, and turn it into a lightweight GIF.

49. Design a Hollywood-style movie title

After Effects tutorials: graphic

Nik Hill of Territory Studio uses Adobe Creative Cloud tools to create UI screen graphics and titles for popular films such as Avengers: Age of Ultron, and so the opportunity to follow one of his After Effects tutorials is a real treat. Here he explains how to create a movie title sequence by manipulating assets from Illustrator using Cinema 4D Lite in After Effects.

50. Rotoscope nature footage

After Effects tutorials: sponge-like creature

Here's one of the best After Effects tutorials we've found for producing nature footage. In this tutorial, which comes with full project files, Centrale Supélec student Hugo Germain uses rotoscoping effects on to reimagine the exotic marine life of Lord Howe Island, Australia.

51. Track facial features to apply precise effects

After Effects tutorials: two Swiss guards

Track faces with exceptional accuracy by managing the level of detail you track, and apply effects only to a face or just the pupils, mouth, and nose. This tutorial from Maxim Jago Image walks you through the process.

52. Animate graphics with data

After Effects tutorials: data visualisation

Data visualisation is becoming a skill that's in much demand right now, and here's one of the best After Effects tutorials to tackle it. Daniel Walter Scott shows you how to create data-driven animations of charts or graphs in Adobe After Effects CC without coding any graphics yourself. Import JSON data files to create a motion graphic, and then edit the data to update the graphic automatically.

53. Preview in real time as you make adjustments

After Effects tutorials: interface

Preview comps, layers, and footage, and also view design iterations in real time, adjusting composition properties and resizing interface panels without halting playback – Brian Maffitt shows you how in this short and sweet video tutorial.

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