40 amazing After Effects tutorials

17. The naked truth about 3D rotations

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between rotation and orientation? This After Effects tutorial explains the way rotations in 3D space work. Once you understand the concept – it will be easier for you to tame rotations in After Effects and beyond.

18. Create easy 3D reflections

Want to create easy 3D reflections with no plug-ins in After Effects? This video tutorial will show you, as well as how to simulate reflective falloff and blurry reflections.

19. How to mix stop motion with 3D layers

This After Effects tutorial will teach you how to capture footage with Dragon Stop Motion, experiment with basic keying in After Effects and show you how to manipulate 3D layers.

20. Create a virtual 3D set with After Effects

Rob Mize shows you how to create a whole new world with this 3D space tutorial. You'll be able to build realistic, sophisticated environments, where actors can actually interact with your creation.

21. Advanced 3D light rays

This video tutorial from Video Copilot explains exactly how to create 3D light rays and add light beams to 3D camera tracked footage within After Effects.

22. Use 3DS Max to create a ball shattering with RayFire

Impress with this great tutorial from the team at Video Co-pilot. You'll learn how to use 3DS Max to create a shattering slow motion glass ball effect whilst compositing the passes in After Effects.

23. Create a train crashing inside After Effects & 3ds Max

This explosive training features three video tutorials, totally over two hours of training on how to create and composite a train crashing inside After Effects and 3ds Max.

24. Create 3D cloud motion from still images

In just a few simple clicks, Aharon Rabinowitz shows you how to take a 2D image of clouds and use it to create realistic 3D cloud motion.

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