40 amazing After Effects tutorials

28. How to experiment with particle effects

Vivian Kim shows you how experimenting in After Effects with the Trapcode Form plug-in can create some beautiful results.

29. Create a highly detailed digital terrain scan

Adobe After Effects Create a futuristic 3D terrain scanner

Adobe After Effects: Create a futuristic 3D terrain scanner

In this tutorial, you'll be creating a futuristic 3D terrain scanner. You'll also be discovering the difference between the old version of FreeForm (the DigiEffects version, bundled with AE CS5) and the new FreeForm v2.

30. Time freeze

Here, the team at Video Copilot explain exactly how to simulate a frozen world around one person.

31. Create an illuminated skin effect

After Effects tutorials

This 20-minute After Effects tutorial explains how to create an illuminated skin effect

In this video tutorial from Video Copilot, Andrew Kramer explains how to create an illuminated skin effect, inspired by Iron Man 3.

32. Create a realistic glass reflection

It's important in After Effects to get things looking realistic; especially when it comes to give-aways such as reflection. Get it right with this handy tutorial which includes use of a free plugin.

33. Create realistic smoke trails with particular particles

In this 21-minute After Effects tutorial, you'll learn how to create realistic looking smoke trails as well as the ability to randomise cloud texture with 3D turbulence. Could be used for Superheros or space ships!

34. Throw a grenade in After Effects

Adobe After Effects: Create an awesome action grenade throw

Go out with a bang with this awesome tutorial from the wonderful Andrew Kramer. In this video guide, he'll show you how to use slow motion and explosive techniques to get a realistic grenade throw.

35. Get blown away with an explosive corridor blast

In this beginner to advanced After Effects tutorial, you'll learn how to blow things up! Surely there can't be a better use for After Effects? With these moves you'll be on your way to After Effects stardom in no time.

36. Create the amazing Spider-Man title sequence

In this After Effects tutorial you'll be using ShapeShifter AE, whilst combining shape layers and layer masks, to model and animate Spidey's symbol.

37. Create a complex energy scene

Adobe After Effects: Create a complex energy scene

You know the parts in Superhero movies when the evil guy drops down to Earth with a surge of energy? Well, now you can make that scene yourself! Cool, huh? You'll even be able to animate the particles in 3D with multiple instances.

38. Leap into a Hancock-style super jump effect

This tutorial is a great exercise for intermediate After Effects users. It has some awesome new techniques to try out as well as showing you how to use a Difference Matte to roto out an actor and then composite various HD elements in front and behind an actor.

39. Become a storm chaser Pt.1

The first in a two-parter tutorial, you'll learn how to composite a Tornado and unique point of view using only still pictures. You'll be able to add effects like cloud twirling and distant lighting.

40. Become a storm chaser Pt. 2

The final part in the storm chaser tutorial, you'll be concentrating on the puppet tool as well as the camera focus options. Best of all, there are no external plugins required!

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