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This animated sequence puts creativity in motion

Visual arts studio leftchannel was tasked with creating the opening sequence for Motion 2013, an event held annually in Albuquerque that celebrates creativity in motion. Given full creative reign by the event organisers, leftchannel designed a piece that showcased the studio's many talents.

Having chosen to animate the event's slogan, 'Feed your creative brain', leftchannel set about bringing each word to life in its own distinctive way. The sequence flits from the writhing monster of 'Feed' to an inventor-style 'brain' operated by miniature scuttling creatures.

"The focus of the studio has been to seamlessly blend illustration, painting, and sculpture into our digital work," explains creative director Alberto Scirocco. "We are not everything to everybody, but we are unique in our approach, and that makes people seek us out from all over the world."

This article originally appeared in Computer Arts issue 221.

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