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Design a mobile retail interface in Sketch

04. Do a super-fast export

Once the artwork is finished, it's time to break up the component parts and export them for use by the developers. Creating exported images is one of the major benefits of Sketch, as the process is flexible, scalable and smart. No fussy naming games!

05. Compress the assets

Our aim is to supply the smallest amount of data possible into an app build, in order to keep things lightweight when downloaded and fast in operation. I've used ImageOptim for years to compress my assets and it's cracking. You can download it for free.

06. Consider GitHub to store artwork

We store all our design files and assets on GitHub. This helps keep the team – which is spread out across a few locations – organised. It means that we have a central place to discuss project management and software integration, and because GitHub is versioned, it means we can roll back if we mess up!

Words: Dev Morgan

ustwo is a global digital studio launching products, services and companies that make a difference. This walkthrough first appeared in Computer Arts issue 237.

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