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'Paper' art that's actually made from porcelain

Ceramic artist Clare Conway turns porcelain paper clay into realistic looking paper sculptures in her latest art project, which reflects on her past relationships and privacy.

The porcelain pieces imitate personal documents concerning Conway's relationships. Each of them have been censored, highlighting the increasingly blurred line between public and private information in society today due to social media platforms.

Longer lasting

The use of porcelain to create the paper is deliberate and in keeping with the theme of the project: "Paper has little value and will eventually decompose," she explains on her website. By using porcelain to record her relationships she is "creating precious, lasting documents that emphasise the value of her interactions".

This is both a skillfully executed and thought-provoking project. Natural curiosity leads you straight to the words written on each document, but by only allowing fragments of information and censoring certain words, Conway leaves you in wonder as to what word lies beneath the thick black lines.

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