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Everything you need to know about going freelance

So, you're thinking of making the move to the freelance lifestyle, but what you really need is advice direct from Computer Arts?

You've come to the right place. Over the years we've probably covered absolutely everything you need to know about going freelance, and so to save you the trouble of sifting through back issues or trawling the site in search of our pearls of wisdom, we've gathered the best bits together in one essential index.

From helping you decide on whether the freelance life is right for you, through the day-to-day challenges of surviving and thriving as a freelancer, all the way to boring but vital stuff like fees, taxes and rights, we have it covered. Enjoy, and good luck!

Go freelance
If you made it your New Year's resolution to start up your own design concern, but are still being driven mad by a job you can't stand, now might be the time. Craig Grannell gets advice from those who have already made the leap

Go it alone
Five creatives who have turned freelance in the last 12 months tell Sean Ashcroft why they finally took the plunge

Freedom or folly?
When the office gets us down, freelancing can seem mightily attractive - but does the reality live up to the promise? Sean Ashcroft investigates

10 tips to help you go freelance
The freedom, the romance, the pay, the worry, the debt, the loneliness - but freelancing is easier if you have a plan. Our experts help you make one

Freelance survival guide
A career as a designer or illustrator could mean working in a studio, as a specialist within a larger organisation or going freelance. Let's consider the practicalities of freelancing in this expert survival guide

31 tips for a better portfolio
It's the world's introduction to your work; the first base in scoring any job. We ask designers both established and breaking through for their advice on how to build and present the perfect portfolio

The Ultimate Portfolio
You've done all the hard work and got plenty to show for it, but what's the best way to show off your talents? Mark Ramshaw talks to the masters of folio presentation about building an online gallery

30 self-promotion tips
We ask the professionals how they've raised their design profiles and brought in the big bucks, so that you can do it as well

Tips for freelancers
Two industry experts show you how to get yourself noticed in an ever-growing community of freelance creatives

Getting ahead
Paul Wyatt ventures down the rocky road of freelancing to give you the definitive guide to getting on the right track

10 lessons every freelancer should learn
From self-promotion to charging the right fee, Dean Evans has some killer tips on how to be a better freelancer

20 freelance problems and how to solve them
Life as a freelancer is filled with ups and downs and pros and cons, so get prepared with our guide to the 20 most common freelance problems and how to solve them

Get Started With Fees and Finance
You might have the skills to pay the bills, but are you being paid fairly? Charging what's right for both parties is as vital as a good invoice system and transparent accounting, says Jerome Turner

Keep on top of taxes
Many a freelancer has been caught by the monster known as tax. Dom Hall explains how to make sure it never happens to you

The agent agenda
Whether or not to team up with an agency is a tough decision at any point in an illustrator's career. We talk to the industry about this hotly debated topic

Fight for your rights
From copyright to contract terms and intellectual property rights, Nicolette Hamilton gives you the legal know-how you need for a successful freelance career