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Heinz ketchup bottle gets a wild makeover

Heinz packaging redesign

The Heinz ketchup bottle is one of the most inspiring and iconic packaging designs the design world known. That familiar typography and logo design teamed with the classic bottle shape help to make the saucy brand instantly recognisable on supermarket shelves and a regular in our kitchen cupboards or fridges (but let's not open that can of worms).

However, the team at Cagnina Design have decided consign all of that to the history books and bring the bottle right up to date with their own spin on the classic design. Seemingly influenced by everything from Expressionism to sci-fi, the startling bottle design is certainly set to challenge perceptions.

"The creative ketchup project was an exploration on how far we could challenge the norm of the ketchup bottle while making it relevant to a brand," they explain. "The design incorporates a bending action that gives consumers increased portion control."

[via Packaging of the World]

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