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Up your social media game with HD video for less than $1 per clip

(Image credit: Stack Assets)

Finding the perfect video for your project can have you spending extra money and extra hours that you don't have. Picking a stand-out video crew, finding the ideal talent, and figuring out usage rights is a job in itself, taking time away from reaching your marketing goals and deadlines. Cut down the time and money spent with the Design Wizard: Stock Video Bundle, bringing you access to curated video content at under $1 per asset. (If you want to create your own video, then see our best computers for video editing.)

It's no secret that video is quickly becoming a go-to medium for online content. Design Wizard, an up-and-coming video and image design software, helps you navigate through the video content world with ease. With access to a trove of premium videos, curated for all different types of topics, you have a good shot at finding assets that will fit the needs of your brand. You'll be able to choose any 50 videos of your liking to use for upcoming projects, social media, presentations, and so much more, helping your brand shine and stand out. 

The intuitive software interface allows for quick editing and personalisation, so you can carefully craft every video to cater to your brand. An easy-to-use timeline will give you access to several customisable features to complement each video. Features include adding animated text, images, logos, and so much more. The edited videos will never expire, allowing you to use your assets for an unlimited amount of time and throughout different digital platforms. 

Access to Design Wizard: Stock Video Bundle is usually $1,000. For a limited time, this video content powerhouse bundle is price-dropped to only $49, that's a savings of 95%.

Prices subject to change.

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