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Revealed: the contents of top designers' Moleskines

We know you love your Moleskines - the fasionable notebook brand created by Milan-based company Modo & Modo. Now the notebook-maker has published The Detour Book, featuring excerpts the journals of internationally renowned creatives.

Detour was originally a global travelling show, started in 2006, which gathered and displayed 275 notebooks decorated, hacked, sketched-in, and filled with notes, clippings, and drawings by a wealth of artistic talent including Tishani Doshi, Javier Marìas, Tom Sachs, Ron Arad, Italo Rota, Toyo Ito, Spike Jonze, and Sigur Rós. Detour has also become a permanent exhibition, with flick-through-videos anyone can browse on - a few of which we've featured below.

The exhibition about books has come full circle (in a way) and become a book itself, containing images from the notebooks in the archive so far. The most intriguing are those notebooks which have been used as more than mere paper for scribbling and instead as objects to be moulded, manipulated, or carved up. You can buy this great book here.

Watch these! Some notebooks from the Detour exhibition:

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