53 top typography tutorials

37. How to design isometric typography

london england in type

Isometric art has a very strict set of rules when it comes to what goes where. It's pretty difficult to sit down and draw yourself, but when it comes to Photoshop, you can create a guide for anything. In this London-inspired image, we're going to set out a perfect isometric grid before we build a city of letters, using the Pen tool, selections and layers in Photoshop.

38. How to create reflective typography in InDesign

Reflect written in Indesign

Making typography appear as though it's reflected in the surface it's sitting on isn't complicated. It is, however, a little more complex to make it look convincing within the environment that it's placed in. In this tutorial we'll run through how to use Adobe InDesign to quickly create an environment for your type to sit in that follows the basic rules of directional light.

39. Create a long shadow text effect in Photoshop

design with a drop shadow

Photoshop CC includes the ability to add multiple instances of the same layer style to a single layer. This is especially helpful when it comes to create text effects. This tutorial shows you a quick way to add long shadows to your text while still retaining the ability to edit it quickly.

40. Create an editable retro text style in Illustrator

A in Illustrator

In this tutorial, Chris Spooner shows you how to create retro typography using the fills and strokes within Illustrator’s Appearance panel. These trendy letters have a faux 3D appearance and are fully editable.

41. Create a quick duotone text effect in Photoshop

due tone

This short, step-based Photoshop tutorial will teach you how to generate duotone text. Using a texture image, a gradient map, some adjustment layers and filters, you’ll learn how to create this trendy effect in five short steps.

42. Create a vintage film title text effect in Photoshop

The Phantom

This tutorial by Chris Spooner explains how to create typography inspired by the film title styles of old black-and-white movies. Using the 3D capabilities of Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC, he adds sophisticated lighting and shading to these retro letterforms.

43. Create gold 3D type in Illustrator

Why don't you, written in gold sparkly type

If you want to bling up your typography, follow this Adobe Illustrator tutorial by illustrator Karol Gadzala. Step by step, she explains how to extrude type in 3D, apply metallic materials to give it a golden sheen, and add gems, sparkles and gleams. 

44. Create a Chrome text effect in Illustrator

Chrome written in type

Chrome text effects are the '80s and '90s style that time forgot. But these retro looks are now making a comeback. Follow this tutorial to learn how to produce a similar retro style metallic text effect in Adobe Illustrator.

45. Create custom type designs in Illustrator

This Adobe Illustrator tutorial demonstrates how to create a custom typography design. It looks like it’s been lettered by hand, but it’s actually created by customising ready-made fonts with clever OpenType features.

46. Three ways to add textures to type designs

lumberjack trading co logo

Photoshop textures are a great way to mimic the aesthetics of old prints and handmade art and give your digital designs more of a tactile appearance. In this tutorial, Chris Spooner explains three ways you can distress your logos and text, each resulting in a slightly different appearance.

47. Create a blueprint text effect in Illustrator

blue print

Learn how to create a blueprint text effect in Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial shows you how to combine simple strokes, basic blending mode techniques and a variety of Transform effects to create this impressive look to your lettering.

48. Create editable retro text in Illustrator

Many text effect tutorials for Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop require the text to be permanently set, so if the wording needs changing, you have to be start again from scratch. In this tutorial, Chris Spooner reveals some useful tricks for creating a graphic style that works with live text. 

49. Create celebration candle text in Illustrator

First 10 years

This tutorial teaches you how to create a celebration candles text effect in Adobe Illustrator. After setting up a simple grid and creating a subtly patterned background, you will learn how to create the main text shapes using a free font and some basic blending and grouping techniques, warp effects and subtle textures and shading.

50. Create a decorative drop cap in Illustrator

illustrated 's'

This tutorial walks you through the process of creating a decorative letter in Adobe Illustrator with a range of vector embellishments. The techniques you learn here can then be applied to all sorts of illustration projects in the future.

51. Create vector floral typography in Illustrator

into the wild written in a floral design

Here Yulia Sokolova explains to create a floral typography composition in Adobe Illustrator. You’ll discover how to create your own custom vectors brushes and use various drawing tools of Adobe Illustrator to create flowers, leaves, and floral elements. 

52. Create a Suicide Squad-inspired 3D text effect in Photoshop

Harley in type

This tutorial is inspired by the vibrant text effect from the trailer for the movie Suicide Squad. As you’re walked through the creation of a similar effect, you’ll discover how to design 3D typography within Photoshop, and make use various lighting effects to illuminate your design with bright colours.

53. Create a text portrait effect in Photoshop 

text portrait effect

This tutorial demonstrates how to create cool portrait effect using a long passage of text that bends and deforms around the contours of the face. Known as a Calligram, this supercool effect is created using Photoshop’s Displace filter.

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