Handwriting on the iPad: how to use Apple Scribble

Handwriting on the iPad
(Image credit: Apple)

Handwriting on the iPad can be used to enter text through Apple Scribble. This method can be used in various apps, allowing you to scribble notes with your Apple pencil or just with your finger and transform the scrawl into text. It's super handy for filling in text fields, setting reminders and more, which is great for those who don't have a keyboard an don't want to fiddle with the on-screen keyboard.

It's easy to use, but Apple Scribble has a bunch of features you'll need to know about to improve the experience, including how to draw patterns to perform different functions (zig-zagging to delete, for example). Our guide to how to use Apple Scribble will explain many of the basic and advanced features so you can use handwriting on iPad it to its full potential. 

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Adam is a widely published tech writer and designer. He was previously editor-in-chief and creative director at MacUser.