Model an alien pirate creature in ZBrush

Ugly alien creature with brown teeth, a nose ring, a bulging tummy, claws and a tail, holding a gun

To help you learn how to create a 3D alien pirate character, I will show you how I sculpted the face of my creature, Worgrock (above), and put him into a dramatic pose. ZBrush is my main weapon of choice due to its many sculpting tools, and generally being fun to sculpt with. I'll also use Maya, Substance Painter and V-Ray.

I will share with you some techniques I use in everyday modelling and concept visual development work. For the past 13 years I’ve worked for various movie, game and commercial studios as a 3D modeller, texture painter and concept artist. I’m something of a creature specialist now, but before I went digital I worked as a traditional sculptor, painter and make-up artist.

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Darrell Abney is a digital artist specialising in concept modelling, production modelling and texturing. He has worked as a 3D modeller for over 12 years in games, films and commercials. Today he works for Industrial Light & Magic in Vancouver, Canada. where his team, along with the London, San Francisco and Singapore offices have just created tons of incredible assets for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.