How to sculpt a reptilian creature using ZBrush, Maya and Substance 3D

3D render of reptilian character Crocodylus by Richard Jusuf
(Image credit: Richard Jusuf)

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how I used a suite of 3D software to bring a character to life. Meet Crocodylus! He’s a creation of mine from the Mesozoic Era, and is inspired by the crocodiles found in the East Kalimantan province of my home country, Indonesia. 

The 3D character pipeline involves several stages, each with its own set of tools and techniques. One of the most popular used for the sculpting phase is ZBrush, which formed the basis for Crocodylus. For more on this software, see our guide to ZBrush: everything you need to know, and our ZBrush 2023 review covers the latest updates. If you need to upgrade your kit read our guide to the best drawing tablets and the best laptops for game development.

Black and white photographer of Creative Bloq contributor Richard Jusuf
Richard Jusuf

Richard is a passionate creative professional from Jakarta, Indonesia. He currently works as lead 3D artist at Dofala Animation studio. His journey has allowed him to contribute to the world of 3D animation as the core of his job.

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Richard Jusuf