New Behance concept looks like a killer app


Behance is an essential resource for designers and creatives, whether you want to show off your latest work, find some inspiration or even if you're a creative director looking for your next hire. As a website it does a pretty good job, but if you've ever felt it could be worked a little harder then this project by LA-based designer Norah Park is bound to get you excited.

A frequent user of Behance, Park asked herself how it might work if it was reinvented as a fully fledged desktop app; one that takes advantage of the platform by providing a richer, more seamless and customisable experience. And then she went ahead and designed it, and the results are spectacular.

The redesigned landing page will always show you stuff you'll find interesting

Park's Behance app design features a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, with a simplified navigation framework and improved taxonomy that prioritises the content and functions that are used most. This is most noticeable in the flexible landing page, which uses predictive algorithms to generate customised content and based on what you've looked at previously, so you should always be shown work that you're likely to be interested in.

The Discover section makes it easier to find inspiring work

Digging deeper, a dedicated Discover section makes it easier to find inspiring work, with multiple layouts that facilitate different mental models for browsing, discovering and searching. To maximise findability, this uses interaction and engagement patterns to augment each user's preferences.

Stats and infographics transform your profile page

Location services mean you can find a new job nearby

Beyond showing you cool stuff, this new design provides essential tools to help you further your career. The Profile page becomes much more useful, with built-in infographics and analytical dashboards to help you pinpoint what's working in your profile and what isn't. 

Finding your next job is also made a whole lot easier with a job and creative search section. This combines location-based services with a visual map display to create a more useful, dynamic and engaging tool that assists talent and job searchers alike.

Improved navigation makes it easier to get around

The whole deal is finished off with improved navigation that makes getting around a lot more straightforward, clean typography based around Proxima Nova in three weights, and a minimal blue and black palette informed by colour theory.

In all, Park's design seems like a much more attractive way to engage with Behance; we can only hope that someone from Adobe is paying attention. You can see all the details of the redesign here.

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