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Learn to write, shoot and distribute your first feature film

Film course
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If you've ever been curious about the process of directing a film or dreamt of one day shooting the screenplay you've been working on for years, you've come to the right place. The Film and Cinematography Mastery Bundle (opens in new tab) brings you lifetime access into the world of film creation – all for only $29. 

You may need some brand new tools to assist in your production journey, try some of the top video editing software, or one of the best camera phones for shooting on the move. Plus, how about a new smartphone tripod to keep things stable?

01. Video Production

The three master courses include a vast amount of material led by industry experts, and this bundle gets straight to the point. With lectures focused on best-practices for starting your film from start to finish, you'll begin with a video production boot camp and learn how to create professional videos with the equipment you already own. 

Whether it's through your iPhone or a top-rated DSLR camera, you'll dive into creating video concepts for your movie, creating the best lighting depending on your genre, how to start your video editing process, and so much more. You'll even explore real-world case studies that break down film projects that have already been released – giving you an inside scoop into what worked for others.

02. Cinematography

Taught by professional cinematographer Phil Ebiner, this course provides inspiring tips and techniques for taking cinematography to the next level. You'll start with the basics and move your way into more advanced concepts for commercial, TV, narrative filmmaking, and more. Learn the intricate details of choosing the best frame rate, shutter speed, or lens option, and how to best work with a production team to make your vision thrive. With access to the content available 24/7, you'll be able to come back again and again whenever you need guidance.

03. Filmmaking

Whether you've already begun writing your screenplay, or you've just thought about putting your idea to paper, this course will bring you industry training for writing, directing, and distributing your first feature film. You'll be guided through finessing your screenplay, finding the best cast for your movie, how to get your film funded, and more. With sample spreadsheets and contracts available at your disposal, you'll master the process needed to start making your own film from home. 

Lifetime access to the Film and Cinematography Mastery Bundle  (opens in new tab)brings you everything you need to jumpstart your career in film. With a certificate presented upon completion of the three courses, you'll be on your way to adding valuable skills to your ongoing portfolio. Best yet, this bundle has now been price-dropped to only $29 – that's a saving of 95 per cent off the usual price of $600.

Prices subject to change.

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