This Stranger Things fan art is the best thing to waste time on today

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 seems to be all anyone's talking about now, and of course, it's inspiring plenty of fan art. But here's one particular piece that's especially fascinating – and downright addictive. A team of fans at a creative studio has created an interactive online artwork inspired by Stranger Things monster The Mind Flayer, and it's caused us to waste a good part of the day.

Why have they done this? For the pure joy of creation, it seems. And while there's no particular point to it, we warn you: you'll probably end up wasting quite some time playing with it. You might also be inspired to create your own Stranger Things fan artwork, for which you'll probably need these essential Stranger Things fonts.

Mind Flayer interactive fan art by Lusion

The interactive Mind Flayer (Image credit: Lusion)

In Stranger Things, the Mind Flayer is a fearsome entity in the alternate parallel dimension known as the Upside Down. Inspired by a Dungeons and Dragons monster, it has taken various forms, including as a gigantic, gelatinous spider-like creature, and it can control other monsters via a physic link to create a hive mind. 

The creative studio Lusion has created an interactive 3D Mind Flayer as a tribute, and you can control it using your computer or phone. You can zoom in and out or move around the scene using the trackpad or mouse on a computer or by moving your phone, and you can make the creature walk by using the cursor controls or the touch screen on your phone.

Why would anyone go to the lengths to do this? Well, Lusion says: "As a team, we love the Stranger Things Netflix series, and then we came across this awesome work The Mimic Effect by the Blender artist Bbbn192. We had a lightbulb moment and were inspired to do an interactive web version to celebrate Part of Series 4."

Mind Flayer fan art

Make the Mind Flayer run! (Image credit: Lusion)

It certainly looks extremely cool, and we've already wasted a good part of the working day playing with the tentacular creation, changing the angle and making the beast walk. And the whole presentation looks the part, right down to creepy music and the use of the now iconic ITC Benguiat font that's used in the show for Stranger Things' main title.

For more Stranger Things art inspiration, make sure you stop to admire the Stranger Things Season 4 posters and also this terrifying Stranger Things optical illusion. In fact, Stranger Things is so big right now that there's even a stranger Things NFT game – fans aren't all convinced by that one.

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