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5 sassy vintage-style modern posters

There's an endless array of poster styles on offer today. It can be difficult to get your design noticed, with many illustrators, typographers and artists producing an endless stream of offerings. The secret may lie in the past, as these designers look to their predecessors for these vintage-inspired styles.

01. Gravity

vintage posters

An alternative movie poster gets a vintage twist

Gravity is one of the most anticipated films of the year - having received roaring reviews at various festival screenings. This alternative poster was created by New York based designer Peter Stults and was part of an alternative poster series at


vintage posters

Another example of an inspiring gig poster

There's plenty of examples of inspiring gig posters and unsurprisingly, many of them take inspiration from their vintage predecessors. This vintage poster was designed by Mexican designer Luperta McFly for LA FUNDACIÓN MEZCALERÍA.

03. Clacton Pier

vintage posters

Designer Phil Howell specialises in vintage poster design

This self initiated project from designer Phil Howell looks at the history of Clacton Pier and the redesign of promotional materials for the Pier. Channeling vintage character design, the pastel colours inject a breath of fresh air into this vintage poster design.

04. Uptown Coffee

vintage posters

An illustrative delight for this vintage poster design

This poster for one of Pittsburgh's preeminent coffee houses was created by Mark Bender and brings together all the illustrative elements that made vintage poster design great. Check out the inspiring typography too.

05. Superhero series

vintage posters

We're a sucker for a superhero series here at Creative Bloq

This is personal project from American designer Michael Myers features a wide array DC comic characters presented in a vintage poster form. He's created posters for Batman, Flash Gordon, Hulk and more. We're a sucker for a superhero series!

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