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The interactive poster you can play music on

Following in the footsteps of Novolia's drum poster, Trapped in Suburbia has created a poster you can play like a musical instrument. In Sound Poster, the Dutch studio combines open-source electronic prototyping platform Arduino with conductive copper ink.

The result is an interactive poster that produces sound when touched - responding with different effects based on both the areas touched and the pressure applied. The noises are not particularly musical, but the studio has plans to develop an orchestral version of the piece.

We were inspired by Kandinsky. Music was very important for him

"We were inspired by Kandinsky," Langeveld says. "Music was very important for him, and most of his work is based on music. In his paintings, he tried to visualise music. We were also inspired by the concept of combining both analogue and digital design."

Trappen in Suburbia

This article originally featured in Computer Arts magazine issue 217.

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