10 top comic art resources

The web is a wonderful thing, brimming with resources and tutorials for people wanting to dabble in comic art. But, sometimes, too much choice can be confusing, so we've picked five top resources to help you really get to grips with it.


comic art resources

Try and find a copy of OFF LIFE in your local bar or coffee house!

OFF LIFE is the UK's only street press comic magazine. Each issue collates comic stories from today’s best indie talent, compiling them in a bi-monthly magazine and then leaving them around bars, coffee houses, shops and galleries for you to pick-up - free of charge. They also host #QuickDraw on Twitter, where any budding comic artist or illustrator can get involved!

02. Bleeding Cool

comic art resources

Get all your comic art needs from Bleeding Cool

BleedingCool is the new blogsite written by Rich Johnston, Brendon Connelly and friends for Avatar Press. As well as news, rumours and gossip, there will be reviews, previews, features, interviews, videos, columns and a place for comic book readers and artists to call their own. This is a real community-led website.

03. Comics Alliance

comic art resources

Get the latest comic book news and comic art inspiration all at the same time!

ComicsAlliance is where comic books and pop culture collide, superheroes battle through movies and video games, and graphic novels steal the headlines. You'll also be able to receive news on Marvel, DC, movies, downloads and digital comic art. A great source of new and exclusive inspiration.

04. Imagine FX

comic art resources

Think it's just for fantasy and sci-fi art? ImagineFX provide comic art too!

Our sister site, ImagineFX had a little make-over a few months ago and boy, don't they look great? You might not think this is a particularly comic-art focused site but you may be pleasantly surprised. Just type in 'comic' in the search bar and get all of your comic art inspiration all in one place.

05. Comic Book Artwork

comic art resources

Tumblr cooks up yet another fantastic blog

We're big fans of Tumblr here at Creative Bloq. The array of blogs found on the site can often offer some of the most surprising and inspirational creative content from across the internet. Comic Book Artwork collects some of the best images and illustrations from across all comics to bring you one of the best comic art resources.

06. Comic art fans

Search through literally thousands of inspiring images on Comic Art Fans

If it's inspiring comic art you're after then, with over 450,000 pieces of orginal comic art in its gallery, Comic Art Fans is a fantastic place to start! It's not surprising that the each page of this site is very busy, considering the amount of work they have to fit in. But the gallery section is nicely organised in alphabetic order so you can easily search for different artists. Or, if you'd prefer, click at random and see which inspiring images pop up!

07. Creative Comic Art

The Creative Comic Art site has everything you need to know to get started with the medium

For those of you who are looking to get started in the world of comic art, then you should definitely check out Creative Comic Art. This helpful website is full of tips, tricks and training for beginners to the medium. Features include a brilliant step-by-step section on various different disciplines, including comic lettering and pencil sketches. And as it doesn't have a dedicated gallery section, the site also points you in the direction of other comic art resources that do.

08. Comic Art Community

Find the work of your favourite artist on Comic Art Community

Comic Art Community contains thousands of original works from professional comic artists. So, if you're looking for sketches to inspire you, look no further. The site is organised by artist, in alphabetical order, so if you have a few favourites, you easily find them here. There is also an informative news section.

09. Deviant Art

Online art community Deviant Art features hundreds of inspiring pieces of comic art

As always, online creative community site Deviant Art is a brilliant resource for any kind of artwork, including comic art. If you just want look at page upon page of beautifully crafted images, then this is the site to visit. You can also give your opinion on the artwork here, as well as read others' tips and feedback.

10. Comic Book Resources

For all the latest news in the comic book world, visit Comic Book Resources

Comic Book Resources is dedicated to the coverage of comic book related news and discussions. While it's not actually aimed at directly at artists and designers, the site is literally full of gorgeous comic-inspired images to inspire you. If you want to know what is going on in the comic book world, this is the site to visit.

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