Here they are: the 50 best logos ever

A panel of leading branding and identity design experts have come together to bring you the definitive list of the 50 best logos ever - read 5 short extracts and order your copy now!

The 50 Best Logos Ever is a definitive guide to the greatest identity work ever created. Even if you only have a passing interest in graphic design, it’s fascinating to see what the BP logo looked like in 1930, or to chat about how the Coca-Cola identity has evolved (or not) over the past 125 years.

Ever wondered how the Penguin logo started its life? Or what Shell's logo looked like in 1901? Then this is the book for you.

The 50 Best Logos Ever brings you the definitive list of the best logo design work ever created!

Over 180 premium pages, the book dissects the world's greatest examples of logo design, showing their origins, their evolutions and interviewing the designers behind them - including Rob Janoff (Apple) and Lindon Leader (FedEx). It all adds up to a fascinating reference book on the best known marks ever created.

See the evolution of some of the world's greatest marks

And to top it all, we've ranked them. What will be in the top 10? What will be number one? Pick up the book to find out and let us know whether you agree in the comments below this article!

Read an exclusive interview with Rob Janoff, the designer of the Apple logo

How they were selected

So how did we decide on the list? Well, it wasn’t just a few designers at this publishing company that chose the list.

We worked with a panel of six leading identity designers from throughout the echelons of the industry. Mike Abbink, David Aiery, Liza Enebeis, Bill Gardner, Sagi Haviv and Michael C Place all helped us. And we're most grateful.

Discover rare logo variants and early sketches

We put together long lists of potential inclusions, based on suggestions from dozens of trusted sources. The panel then tore into those lists, hacked out the weeds and nettles, and via a weighted system that favoured the thumbs up and thumbs down votes we got from our judges, we worked putting the logos into order.

Then, just for good measure, we got them to hack away at it once again, adding their personal favourites into the mix and readjusting the order all over again.

Read a short extract

Where to buy your copy

Pick up the book at all good newsagents today or order it online. Or if you prefer, you can download a digital edition directly to your iPad from the Computer Arts app on iTunes.

And remember, whatever you think of the list, let us know in the comments below or tweet @50bestlogos.