Typography posters celebrate the 3 most foolproof fonts

Foolproof is a celebration of Helvetica, Gotham and Archer and narrates the typefaces foolproof qualities.

typography posters

The posters celebrate the love of all things type

Designers love typography so much so, that we've seen a wide range of typography posters over the years. From the minimalist to the mad, they always showcase your passion and creativity when it comes to producing type. Here, Aisling Flynn has created a poster series to showcase type's foolproof qualities.

"The concept is to develop pieces of design which display type done right! A celebration of type if you like. I thought it would be fun to kick this off with some posters which play into the theme of April Fools. The posters narrate the typefaces foolproof qualities," Flynn explains.

"They come out of my love for typography and an interest in finding out more about the typefaces that I use every day." Featuring Helvetica, Gotham and Archer, Flynn plans on creating more poster designs for the 'Type Right' collection.

typography posters

typography posters

typography posters

Find out more about the collection over on Aisling Flynn's website.

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