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Video editing for Windows: Top tools for creating quality video footage on your PC

Video editing for Windows
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With all the tech world’s progress, software has become more powerful and accessible than ever before, especially in the case of video editing. There are dozens of terrific video editing programs on the market, and while not all are equally matched, each comes with unique features that are apt for different needs. 

In this article, we’ve compiled and analysed some the top video editing tools for Windows PC so you can find a fit for your requirements. We’ll be looking at Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Elements, DaVinci Resolve, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate, and Filmora9. 

To learn more, including about applications that also run on macOS, check out this article on the best video editing software. Or see our guide to video editing for macOS.

Video editing for Windows: Top tools

Best video editing software on Windows PC

Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry standard for video editing (Image credit: Adobe)

01. Adobe Premiere Pro

The most powerful video editor on Windows

Skill level: Hobbyists and advanced | Minimum requirements: Intel 6thGen or newer CPU – or AMD equivalent, 8 GB RAM, 2 GB GPU VRAM | Key features: Productivity maximizing interface, powerful video and audio editing tools, support for multiple video formats and codecs, team collaboration | Free trial: 7 days | Trial restrictions: None

Powerful, industry-grade software
Easy team collaboration
Support for multiple video formats and codecs
Expensive subscription-based model

Adobe Premiere Pro is the most advanced editor you’ll find on Windows and has been used on many feature films, including Deadpool, Gone Girl, and Terminator: Dark Fate.

There’s plenty to love in Premiere Pro. It has an excellent interface that keeps things simple while improving efficiency, and its video and color editing tools give users immense control over their work. It has incredible audio tools too, like Auto Ducking to automatically adjust background sound for clearer speech, audio noise removal, and the ability to adjust audio gain and bass. You can even download high-quality, royalty-free stock audio through the software. Importantly, there’s support for multiple video formats and codecs, including ProRes RAW, making it convenient to import video formats of all kinds. 

Premiere Pro uses an AI tool, Adobe Sensei, that automatically identifies original edit points to simplify your work. There’s also a superb team collaboration tool to allow multiple users to work on the same project remotely. A great feature for beginners is the Learning workspace, which provides a set of tutorials to use Premiere Pro well. 

Premiere Pro can feel overwhelming for users who are only looking to do simple editing. But if you’re a professional editor or a student planning to explore the video editing space seriously, then Premiere Pro is perfect for you. 

However, it’s not cheap, and is paid for on a subscription basis. The basic plan starts at USD 31.49/mo or USD 20.99 paid annually.

Best video editing software on Windows PC

Adobe Premiere Elements offers stunning effects (Image credit: Adobe)

02. Adobe Premiere Elements

Great for beginners

Skill level: Beginners | Minimum requirements: Intel 6th Generation or newer processor or AMD equivalent with SSE4 support, 8GB RAM | Key features: Powerful AI-powered tools, beautiful transitions, improve grainy footage, animated social posts | Free trial: 30 days | Trial restrictions: None

Simple interface 
Shallow learning curve
Guidance for complex effects
Slow rendering speed

Adobe Premiere Elements can help beginners to create impressive edits effortlessly. It isn’t as complex or powerful as Adobe Premiere Pro, but it’s a great choice if you enjoy video editing and don’t plan to edit professionally. 

Powered by AI, this feature-rich software will help you create complex and lovely looking edits without having to spend hours learning the ropes. You can edit specific objects or areas of the footage and apply effects that track the selection throughout the video, like brightening the subject. There is also a Reduce Noise effect to improve the quality of footage shot in low light. 

One of the best features is Guided Edits, which helps you create complex effects with ease, like making double exposure videos, adding animated matte overlays, and even animating the skies. This makes it a brilliant choice for beginners and hobbyists who are keen on creating interesting edits. Adobe Premiere Elements is available for USD 99.99.

Best video editing software on Windows PC

DaVinci Resolve has dedicated workspaces to organize post-production (Image credit: Blackmagic Design)

03. DaVinci Resolve

Hollywood-grade color correction and audio editing

Skill level: Hobbyists and advanced | Minimum requirements: Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7, 16GB RAM, 2GB GPU VRAM | Key features : Advanced color correction, powerful audio editing system with support for 2,000 tracks, support for visual effects and motion graphics | Free trial: Unlimited use | Trial restrictions: Limited to 4K

Wide range of high-level color grading tools
One-stop solution for various post-production needs
Complex tools take time to learn
Needs a powerful computer to run well

DaVinci Resolve 17 brings a lot to the table and is hands down the most powerful free editing software in the market. It has an incredible range of post-production tools, which is why companies like Calvin Klein, BMW, and Adidas have used it for their ads. It is even used to edit big-budget feature films and TV shows.  

DaVinci Resolve was originally a color correction software. Along with the usual color grading tools, it has advanced tools like facial recognition and targeted color grading to auto-track people or specific features, such as the face or arms, and color correct the selection. Then there are HDR grading tools that enable you to create custom color wheels to make finer adjustments to your visuals. 

A compelling feature of this software is that it now provides many post-production tools. You’ll find support for editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics, and audio post-production in one place. It’s split into dedicated workspaces, and its interface is streamlined for efficiency, making the software appear less overwhelming despite its numerous high-end tools. 

Since it’s free, both beginners and professionals can try it. However, it’ll be more accessible for professionals and advanced enthusiasts due to its complexity.

Best video editing software on Windows PC

VideoStudio Ultimate offers multicam editing (Image credit: Videostudio Pro)

04. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Inexpensive but powerful video editor for beginners

Skill level: Beginners and hobbyists | Minimum requirements: Core i3 or AMD A4 series for standard videos, 4 GB RAM | Key features: 360-degree video editing, 4K support, enhanced color grading, multicam editing (up to 6 angles) | Free trial: 30 days | Trial restrictions: Limited file support and third-party effects | :

Basic system requirements
Loaded with high-quality features
Crashes sometimes when working on large projects

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is an excellent video editor for beginners and hobbyists. Using its simple interface, you can create both straightforward and complex videos quickly. It also presents a host of tools that make it easy to put together complicated cuts and effects. 

For instance, it offers multicam editing, which lets you combine, sync, and edit clips from multiple cameras and choose the angle you prefer as the video plays. Then there’s the motion tracking feature that lets you track an object and add moving graphics and text, or blur faces, logos, or license plates in your video. The software has support for 360-degree video editing. You can even export your video to view on a VR headset, 360 player, or upload online directly to share with your audience. 

Other than this, VideoStudio Ultimate provides lens correction tools, 3D text editing, quick movie creation, stop-motion tools, over 2,000 effects, and much more. 

If you’re a beginner editor and you have ideas in your mind that are too complex to piece together on most video editors, then this is the perfect software for you. You can purchase VideoStudio Ultimate for USD 99.99. 

Best video editing software on Windows PC

Filmora9 has support for editing 100 audio and video tracks (Image credit: wondershare)

05. Wondershare Filmora9

Simple video editing software that won’t overwhelm users

Skill level: Beginners | Minimum requirements: Intel i3 or better multicore processor, 4 GB RAM, 2 GB vRAM | Key features: 4K support, lovely effects and filters, green screen effects | Free trial: Unlimited use | Trial restrictions: Watermark

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
Plenty of effects
Low price
Limited features

With its clean and intuitive interface, Wondershare Filmora9 makes editing a breeze for those starting out. It has 4K support, lens correction, built-in titles, filters, effects, and transitions to make it easy for budding YouTubers to create appealing videos. The ability to simultaneously import and edit 100 audio and video tracks helps you to organize and layer media for green screen and picture-in-picture effects. 

Notable among its features are automated scene detection, which divides lengthy clips and makes it easy to edit on the timeline, compositing tools for green screen editing, background noise removal, and high-quality color grading presets.

Although Filmora9 doesn’t offer as many features or powerful tools as other video editors, this can be beneficial for beginners who want something simple that doesn’t overwhelm them.  Filmora9 has a free version, but your exports will have a watermark on them. There are three paid plans, with the least expensive one at USD 39.99/year. Alternatively, you could opt to purchase it for a one-time fee of USD 99.87.

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