This week in GIFs: the one with the top design agencies

With such busy schedules to keep, you might not have had the chance to catch up on this week's biggest design news stories. Lucky for you, we've rounded them up in this handy little list that will make sure you get to the good stuff, quickly.

01. Generate New York tickets go on sale

this week in gifs

Generate New York is paradise for web designers everywhere

We're not ones to brag, but Generate is pretty much the web design event of the year. Brought to you by net magazine and Creative Bloq, Generate New York is back for third year running on Friday 22 April 2016 with a truly stellar lineup of speakers. You'll save up to $100 if you buy early, which is what the smart people do.

02. The new Star Wars poster and trailer arrived

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Star Wars fans – and actors – couldn't hold in their emotions this week

With less than two months until it's release, hype for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is in full swing. This week, they released the official poster and trailer for the movie, which caused a bunch of people to cry and wail 'Where's Luke?!' The real question is, did you manage to get tickets before your cinema site crashed?

03. Computer Arts rank the UK's top 30 design agencies

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Who comes out on top? Find out in the latest issue of Computer Arts

Not only does the latest issue of Computer Arts have a heat-reactive cover (yes, really!) it also contains one of the most anticipated lists this year – the UK's top design agencies. Who will come out on top? Who will sink lower than expected? You'll find the answers here.

04. Disney bring out some bad-ass prosthetic limbs

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Disney Accelerator, powered by TechStars, is a new initiative by Disney

Open Bionics, an award-winning technology and engineering company founded in Bristol, England, have teamed up with Disney Accelerator to create 3D-printed bionic hands for young amputees. Including designs from Iron Man, Frozen and Star Wars, this cutting edge prosthetic limb technology will have kids (and adults!) looking and feeling awesome.

05. The world went Back to the Future crazy

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Designers went crazy for the movie, with a whole host of inspired work released

Unless you've been living under a rock this week, chances are you'll have realised Wednesday was officially Back to the Future day. The day meant a host of great designs came out – from Mondo's album artwork to poster exhibitions to original GIF illustrations – proving Back to the Future is still as inspirational as it ever was. We even bagged an interview with the original VFX art director!

06. There's a new typography edition of Scrabble

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Typographers and board game players will adore this new Scrabble edition

Typography nerds and board game enthusiasts unite! There's a new Scrabble in town. Created by graphic designer and Scrabble enthusiast Andrew Capener, this release is the third of his 'Scrabble Typography Editions'. Released by Winning Solutions, this set includes 12 new fonts chosen by Capener, plus a redesigned game board and score pad.

07. Moleskine teams up with Star Wars for new collection

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Star Wars fans will definitely want these new Moleskine designs

Moleskine have done some pretty incredible collaborations, with everyone from The Hobbit and Evernote to Lego and Coca-Cola becoming a themed notebook. Not ones to be left out of the Star Wars hype, they've unleashed two themed designs that come complete with origami X-Wings.

08. New illustrated edition of Alice in Wonderland released

this week in GIFs

The new Alice in Wonderland illustrations are as beautiful as they come

As one of the most beloved stories ever, there's been plenty of limited edition versions of Alice in Wonderland. However, none have come close to this beautiful offering, featuring all-new illustrations from Andrea D'Aquino. Breathing new life into this tale, you'll definitely want to get your hands on one.

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Sammy Maine

Sammy Maine was a founding member of the Creative Bloq team way back in the early 2010s, working as a Commissioning Editor. Her interests cover graphic design in music and film, illustration and animation. Since departing, Sammy has written for The Guardian, VICE, The Independent & Metro, and currently co-edits the quarterly music journal Gold Flake Paint.