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Yo! Is your website down?

It can be annoying if the server hosting your site goes down; if it's an ecommerce website or the home of your design portfolio, it could result in lost income. So the sooner you sort it out, the better, but how can you quickly find out if your server's down?

Here's Yo Server is Down (opens in new tab), a novel solution from Haydn and Jarryd Lee. It hooks into unlikely social app, Yo (opens in new tab), a single-tap zero character communication tool that you can use to send the word 'Yo' to everyone. If you're struggling to see the point of it, you're not alone. But with Yo Server is Down, you can put Yo to actual use.

Baffled by minimal social app Yo? Here's an actual use for it!

Baffled by minimal social app Yo? Here's an actual use for it!

You need to get a Yo API handle, and then it's a few easy steps until you're ready to go. Once you're all registered, You Server is Down will simply ping your server every five minutes to make sure it's working. If it's down you'll get a Yo to that effect, enabling you to quickly fix it yourself or yell at your hosting company. Sorted!

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Jim McCauley is a writer, performer and cat-wrangler who started writing professionally way back in 1995 on PC Format magazine, and has been covering technology-related subjects ever since, whether it's hardware, software or videogames. A chance call in 2005 led to Jim taking charge of Computer Arts' website and developing an interest in the world of graphic design, and eventually led to a move over to the freshly-launched Creative Bloq in 2012. Jim now works as a freelance writer for sites including Creative Bloq, T3 and PetsRadar, specialising in design, technology, wellness and cats, while doing the occasional pantomime and street performance in Bath and designing posters for a local drama group on the side.