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Microsoft Black Friday deals: all the best offers in 2019

Microsoft Black Friday
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It's almost time for Microsoft Black Friday – hurrah! Ok, not just Microsoft Black Friday, but if you're here that's what you care about, right? Microsoft has been on fire this year, releasing a number of brand new Surface products, which means getting a brilliant deal on a slightly older (but still very capable) device could well be on the cards. 

While the main Black Friday weekend might be a couple of weeks away yet, we're already seeing some incredible deals on Microsoft devices. And we've gathered them all right here for you. We thought Microsoft's Fall Hardware Event might impact its 2019 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, and we were right. Surface Pro 6 deals are already landing, plus today saw the release of an epic Surface Pro 7 deal at Best Buy too! 

Microsoft Black Friday deals: Quick links

Surface Pro | Surface Book | Surface Go | Surface Laptop | Xbox | Microsoft Office

Click the product name above to jump to the predictions for that device.

The bad news is we don't expect the Microsoft Black Friday deals to hang around for long, but the good news is that we're constantly scouring the web to bring you all the best offers as they arrive. 

Bookmark this page and check back to make sure you know what to expect and you can jump on any hot deals before they sell out. Looking for something different? Check out our general guide to Black Friday 2019.

The best pre-Microsoft Black Friday deals

The Microsoft Black Friday savings are already in full swing. Here are the best deals we've seen so far...

Surface Pro 7 with Black Type Cover: $959 $639
Save $260:
One of the best Black Friday deals we've seen so far overall sees a brand new Surface Pro 7 with Type Cover reduced by over $200! If you were thinking of bagging yourself one of these shiny new devices, now's the time to buy. View Deal

Surface Pro 6 | i5 | 8GB RAM | 128GB SSD: $899 $699
Save $200:
The Surface Pro 6 has become a popular device among the creative community. All the power of Windows 10 in this portable device makes it a highly capable, not to mention stylish machine. And right now you can get your hands on one for less than $700!
View Deal

Microsoft Black Friday Surface deals

The range everyone's interested in right now is Microsoft Surface, and retailers have been happy to oblige with impressive surface deals at various sales events. Last year's Microsoft Black Friday and Microsoft Cyber Monday saw particularly impressive offers on the Surface Pro 6 (see above) and Surface Laptop 2.

Microsoft's Fall Hardware Event on 2 Oct brought with it some exciting hardware news. The tech giant announced several product updates in the Surface range: the Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X (we're still waiting on the Surface Book 3, however). There were also some interesting additions, in the form of dual-screen tablet Surface Neo, foldable phone Surface Duo and true wireless Surface Earbuds

All this is likely to shake things up in terms of this year's Microsoft Black Friday deals. While big deals on new releases are unlikely (although not impossible), older versions of newly updated kit is ripe for discounts as retailers seek to shift stock. Read on for the best prices available right now, plus our pick of last year's top offers, on different Surface products.

Surface Pro deals

There's are two new Surface Pros in town: the Surface Pro 7 will go on sale on 22 October, and the Surface Pro X will go on sale 19 November. In terms of Microsoft Black Friday deals, essentially this means we're expecting to see some great offers on the Pro 6. 

Last year, the Surface Pro 6 was newly released just in time for Black Friday. Interestingly, a number of retailers knocked down the price of the brand new device – so perhaps we'll see a similar move with the new Pro 7 and Pro X this year. 

The Pro range often gets decent reductions during shopping events. We saw particularly impressive discounts on Amazon Prime Day in 2019 (in the UK Amazon knocked a £280 off). 

Read our Surface Pro 6 review or our Surface Pro review, and check out the cheapest prices right now in the widget below. Alternatively, scroll down for the best offers from Black Friday 2018, and some Microsoft Cyber Monday deals as well.

Surface Book deals

In 2018 there were plenty of big discounts on the Surface Book 2, Microsoft's powerful laptop. There's a lot to recommend this device – take a look at our Surface Book 2 review for our thoughts (we awarded it 4.5 stars). So far, there's no news as to when the Surface Book 3 will appear; it wasn't included in the Fall Hardware Event at the start of October. 

In our original Surface Book review we awarded the device 5 stars, so if you don't mind an older model it might be worth keeping an eye out for any hot deals over Black Friday 2019.

Surface Go deals

The Surface Go, Microsoft's reasonably priced 10-inch tablet also got some good discounts last year over Cyber Monday/Black Friday. Take a look at our sister site TechRadar's review for more on this device. Browse the best current prices in your territory using the widget below, or read on for 2018's cheapest offers from the Microsoft Black Friday/Microsoft Cyber Monday event.

Surface laptop deals

The Surface Laptop 3 was unveiled at Microsoft's Fall Hardware event in early October, and was released on 22 October (see how it compares to the MacBook Air here). This means the Laptop 2 will likely be in line for some hot deals come late November. 

Are we likely to see any Microsoft Black Friday deals on the new Laptop 3? Well, usually we'd say no. However, we saw some unexpected Microsoft Surface Cyber Monday discounts (and of course Microsoft Black Friday deals too) on the then-new Laptop 2 last year, so who knows? 

TechRadar awarded the Surface Laptop 2 a nearly-perfect four and a half stars, saying "it ultimately achieves the most pure Windows 10 experience on a laptop" (read the review). See the best prices on the Laptop 2 right now in the widget below, or read on for the top deals from 2019.

Xbox deals

Games consoles traditionally get some mega discounts over Black Friday, and in 2018 Microsoft's Xbox One S and Xbox One X got some big price drops. 

We saw a lot of bundle deals, with Microsoft games consoles being packaged in with games from Playerunknown's Battlegrounds to Fallout 76 and Minecraft at a range of retailers. If it's a game you actually want, these can be great buys – if not you're looking at a whole lot of false economy. 

In 2018 we also saw a couple of great console-only deals on the Xbox One X in the US, both in the run-up to the event (from Walmart) and on the day itself (from Amazon). 

While we predict the best bargains will be appearing on Black Friday itself (and some deals to be had on Cyber Monday, there were bundles cropping up in early Black Friday offers last year, so keep your eyes peeled. The widget below pulls in the best current prices in your territory, including any offers.

Microsoft Office deals

Microsoft Office has never been cheap, but we do usually see some Microsoft Black Friday and Microsoft Cyber Monday Office deals to take the sting out of shelling out for Word, Excel and the like. The widget below will pull in the best current prices (including any offers), or read on for the best deals of last year.

How to get the best Black Friday Microsoft deals

To start with, bookmark this page. We'll be updating this article with all the best Black Friday Microsoft 2019 deals and Cyber Monday Microsoft deals as soon as we hear about them, so make sure you check back. As well as the Microsoft Store itself, other major retailers are in on the action with some strong offers of their own.

And while there'll undoubtedly be plenty of action on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, those aren't the only days you'll be able to snag a deal. We've seen eager retailers rolling out their deals earlier and earlier each year. In 2018, there were competitive deals appearing from early November.

To make the most of the offers, it's worth checking for add-ons or gift cards that will make your deal even better. It's also worth considering refurbished models. 

The very best Black Friday Microsoft deals won't stick around forever (many will sell out on the day). If you're reading this post that means you're already ahead of the game – make the most of the run-up period to figure out which Microsoft products are right for you, so you know what to look out for and don't end up panic-buying the wrong thing. 

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