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Apple's iPhone 14 Pro could be extra-durable (and extra-chic)

While the iPhone's already one of the most solid smartphones available, it appears some models could be getting even studier next year. According to a report by JP Morgan Chase, the iPhone 14 Pro models will come with a titanium alloy chassis.

Although Apple's used titanium before for the Apple Watch, until now, the iPhone has used aluminium and stainless steel. A switch to titanium would mean a lighter but more durable body that's more resistant to scratches and corrosion. If you're looking for a new smartphone now, see our guide to the best iPhone 11 deals available now.

Titanium is not without its drawbacks. Most notably, it can be more liable to showing fingerprint marks, and it's also more difficult to etch. But according to the leak reported by MacRumors, Apple has fixes for those issues. It plans to use an oxide coating to avoid messy fingerprints, while a new blasting, etching and chemical process will give the titanium body a glossier final look.

Iphone 12

Last year's iPhone 12 featured Apple's first 5nm chip  (Image credit: Apple)

Although we're still waiting for the iPhone 13, we've already had more rumours about the iPhone 14, and it sounds like it could be worth waiting for. According to Digitimes, it might be getting a 4nm chip. That would be a jump from the current iPhone 12's 5nm chip and which would offer even better efficiency, performance and battery life.

However, if you can't wait, the iPhone 12's A14 chip is already pretty incredible. For the best iPhone 12 deals, see the offers below or visit our main Apple deals page.

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