Is this the cheapest broadband deal ever?


There are plenty of awesome Black Friday 2018 deals flying around at the moment, but we're calling it: this is the best of the bunch. Onestream is offering unlimited broadband for just £9.99 a month, which is absolutely the cheapest broadband deal we've seen. Ever.

We're still days away from Black Friday, but if you're after a broadband bargain, this deal isn't going to be bettered. Because it's so stupidly good, Onestream is limiting this offer to just the first 500 customers, so hurry if you want to claim. Once those 500 are gone, the price will revert back to the usual £13.99 a month (still mega-cheap, but around £50 more than deal price over the course of the year). 

It will cost you £9.99 for the first year of the contract, and then £24.99 thereafter if you want to stay with the provider. But the contract ends in 12 months, so come Black Friday 2019, you'll be perfectly free to shop around for a new bargain. Read to the bottom for more details.

Onestream Flow unlimited broadband | 12 month contract | 11Mb average speed | Line rental inc. | FREE activation | £9.99 delivery | £9.99 per month

This is absolutely the best broadband deal you're going to see this Black Friday. This one-year contract will cost you under £10 a month for unlimited broadband, including free activation. 

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In the interest of variety, BT is also offering some top deals this Black Friday season – although nothing anywhere near as cheap as the Onestream offer. While you'll be shelling out at least £20 a month more, BT has sweetened the deal by throwing in a £120+ reward card (essentially a prepaid Mastercard) for anyone who signs up before midnight on Cyber Monday (26 Nov). Take a look at the details below.

BT Superfast 1 broadband | 18 months | 50Mb avg speed | Weekend calls | £9.99 router delivery | £29.99pm + £120 Reward Card
BT's best value fibre broadband package equates to around 6.25MB per second, which means super-fast downloads and smooth streaming.View Deal

BT Superfast 2 broadband | 18 months | 67Mb avg speed | Weekend calls | £9.99 router delivery | £39.99pm + £140 Reward Card
For even more speed, an extra £10 a month will get you broadband at 8MB+ per second. This is useful if there are a lot of people in your household all trying to use the internet at once, or if you stream a lot of 4K content. A £140 Reward Card sweetens this deal.
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