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E3 got you excited about gaming? Now's the time to grab a bargain PS4 Pro

Image: Sony

E3 2019 is well underway, and it's been a particularly exciting year. Xbox announced an absurdly powerful new console, hand-drawn indie game RPG The Legend of Wright caught artists' imaginations, and there was even a real-life Keanu Reeves, shipped in to promote Cyberpunk 2077.

While Sony isn't attending the conference this year, it hasn't ducked out completely: as part of its Days of Play sale, the company has partnered with leading retailers to offer some amazing deals over the E3 period. So if all this excitement has reminded you how awesome gaming is, now's a good time to snap up a new console – right now, you can grab a PS4 Pro with $50 off the usual price. 

If you can't find what you're looking for here, Amazon Prime Day 2020 is a great time to find a bargain – last year there were deals on various Playstation and Xbox consoles, and some awesome bundle offers too. 

Sony PlayStation4 Pro (1TB): $399.95 $349.99 at Walmart
Nearly $50 off:
Pick up a PlayStation4 Pro for a bargain price from Walmart right now. This supercharged console offers 4K support and a 1TB hard drive.
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The PlayStation4 Pro is Sony's first 4K HDR console, and gives the Xbox One X a run for its money when it comes to crowning the best console around right now, and it's well grabbing one for the reduced price. You can find out more about this console in our sister site TechRadar's Sony PS4 Pro review

In the UK? Technically the Days of Play sale is US-only, but we've spotted some awesome deals for Brits too. has also dropped the price of its PS4 Pro to £339 – pick up the deal below.

PlayStation4 Pro (1TB): £359 £339 at
Save £20:
UK shoppers can snap up a PS4 Pro for just under £340 right now at It's not as big a price drop as Walmart, but this is the best bargain you'll find on this supercharged console, so make the most of it!
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