You'll love this typographic take on the original Star Wars

All areas of the Star Wars universe were inspiration for this project

With 11 months to go until The Force Awakens hits the cinema, you can be sure that 2015 is going to be a year of epic Star Wars excitement, and who are we to be immune to it? Especially if we can combine our mounting Star Wars glee with our love of typography, and wouldn't you just know it? We've found a fabulous little project that does just that.

Familiar colour schemes abound in these posters

Entitled Swiss Star Wars, it's a set of Star Wars-themed posters by Argentinean graphic designer Fernando de Carabassa, created in the International Typographic Style; that's the Swiss Style to you.

Fernando's put together a mix of straight movie posters and more esoteric mood posters based on themes and favourite phrases from the original Star Wars trilogy, and rendered them in an eye-catching typographic fashion.

Each of the original trilogy gets its own poster

There's an awful lot of Helvetica on show, naturally, with colour palettes inspired by the films' designs and minimal graphical flourishes, and throughout the posters you'll see some fantastic little extra touches put there especially for Star Wars fans to spot.

Our favourite's probably the deliberate mistake on the Return of the Jedi poster, referencing the original title that was changed at the last minute in order to frustrate manufacturers of fake Star Wars merchandise.

Jedi poster cheekily references the movie's changed title

The poster for The Empire Strikes Back is another corker, too, evoking the film's darker theme with a few deft strokes. The design reflects Darth Vader's chest plate, skilfully turning the whole poster into a representation of the dark lord himself.

Carabassa had a bit of fun with the posters...

We'll also confess to a love for the Some Like it Hoth poster; who can resists such a brilliant pun? It almost makes up for the inclusion of the tired old 'May the Fourth Be With You' gag, but hey! Even that's been put together in a way that means we don't object to it too much!

...but that depends if you like puns or not

If you like Fernando's designs and want them in your life, he's put a selection of them on a set of cushions that you can order from RedBubble. You can find more of Fernando's work – including a set of three more Star Wars posters in a very different, but equally attractive style – over at his Behance page.

Words: Jim McCauley

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